Biden’s circle finds Obama’s ‘arrogance’ unbearable, report says

Ever find Barack Obama smug? The Biden White House feels the same way, apparently.

A new report highlighting abiding friction between the two men says that Biden’s circle finds Obama contemptuous and “arrogant.”

Biden’s team were put off by Obama’s “arrogance”

Many will recall that Obama stole the show when he returned for the first time to the White House earlier this year, making Biden look pitiful. Biden’s team didn’t appreciate it when Obama cracked a joke referring to Biden as vice president, the Washington Post report said. 

They “saw the quip, intentional or not, as part of a pattern of arrogance from Obama and a reminder of the disrespect many felt from Obama’s cadre of aides toward Biden,” the report said.

Biden and his circle have long felt dismissed by Obama, especially after he undermined Biden’s presidential ambitions in 2016 in favor of Hillary Clinton, the report noted. Obama even considered swapping Biden for Hillary during the 2012 election. Ouch.

“Some Biden loyalists are resentful that Obama didn’t throw his weight behind Biden’s presidential aspirations, complaining that even now Obama’s team does not fully respect Biden,” the report said.

It’s also known that Obama backed Biden reluctantly in 2020 and told a confidante not to underestimate Biden’s ability to “eff things up.”

“Bromance” or farce?

Meanwhile, Obama’s circle is miffed that Biden’s circle — with a note of spite, perhaps — “regularly boast of how they have avoided the mistakes of the Obama White House, such as failing to sufficiently tout the president’s accomplishments.”

That Biden’s circle is put off by Obama’s narcissism may be the most relatable thing about the otherwise buffoonish and out-of-touch Biden regime. That Obama looks down on a used car salesman like Biden — who has leaned on Obama, sometimes desperately, for political support — is understandable, too.

Despite tensions beneath the surface, the pair all smiled at a ceremony Wednesday where Obama, playing up the “bromance” routine, called Biden “a true partner and a good friend” and said that Americans are lucky to have him as president.

“Joe, it is now America’s good fortune to have you as president,” Obama said. “You have guided us through some perilous times.”

What a farce.