Biden’s disinformation czar published screed about ‘harassment’ from critics online

Since she became known to Americans as the person hired to run the Biden regime’s Ministry of Truth, it has become apparent that Nina Jankowicz is an unabashed partisan as well as a thin-skinned narcissist.

Troublingly enough, Jankowicz has written an entire book about the so-called epidemic of “harassment” she and other liberal women face from critics on social media, Fox News reported.

“Harassment” everywhere

Excerpts of the book reflect the author’s lack of self-awareness and total obsession with her personal feelings of aggrievement, which she suggests should control how the public square is regulated.

She writes contemptuously of the principle of free speech and the “cost” it has incurred on women facing “harassment” on social media — arguing it is “long past time” to re-think the role of free speech in society.

“We accept that harassment of women is simply the cost of their social media engagement, or worse, that women are expected to endure harassment and silencing in the name of ‘free speech.’ It is long past time for that to change,” she writes.

She grandiosely asserts that “to be a woman online is an inherently dangerous act,” and in one passage, muses about something called the “engagement boner.” She admits to feeling “rattled” by criticism, which she equates to being “silenced” and an “enraging” attack on “basic democratic and human rights.”

“I may have a slightly thicker skin than some, but watching thousands of strangers criticize my appearance, experience, and expertise is not easy. Watching them objectify me is not easy. Watching them deny me and other women our basic democratic and human rights is not easy,” she writes.

“Eminently qualified”

The woman in charge of the federal government’s Ministry of Truth is…worried about being silenced? The irony is almost too much.

It’s far from the only ironic part of this story, of course: this is the same self-described “disinformation expert” who spread the Biden campaign’s own disinformation about Hunter Biden’s laptop being a Russian plant.

If Jankowicz has this much difficulty facing criticism, one wonders how she is handling scrutiny of her deeply embarrassing and discrediting record.

In the meantime, Biden’s too-absurd-to-be-true “disinformation czar” is damaging the already tattered credibility of Biden’s Homeland Security chief, Alejandro Mayorkas, as he seeks to defend her as an “eminently qualified” expert.

“I don’t question her objectivity. There are people in the department who have a diverse range of views and they’re incredibly dedicated to mission. We’re not the opinion police,” he said.

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