Biden’s inept spin artist accidentally admits the border crisis is a problem

Joe Biden’s press secretary made a rare admission Tuesday that the southern border is not under control, saying Republicans have no “plan” to deal with the crisis.

Inept spin artist Karine Jean-Pierre made the slip, which has been ignored by the liberal media, while responding to a Republican threat to impeach Biden’s top immigration official.

Biden official makes border slip

Republican leader Kevin McCarthy (Ca.) teased the impeachment at a press conference near the border, where he ripped Department of Homeland Security Chief Alejandro Mayorkas for “dereliction of duty.”

Illegal immigration has skyrocketed on Mayorkas’ watch, with more than 2 million people having crossed the border in 2022.

Nevertheless, Biden officials have long maintained that the border is “secure.”

Jean-Pierre appeared to drift from the usual talking points in a testy response to McCarthy, saying the Republican party hasn’t offered a “plan” to resolve the “issue that we’re all seeing.”

“He goes down there and he does a political stunt, like many Republicans do, that we have seen them do. But he actually is not putting forth a plan — a plan to help us, you know, deal with an issue that we’re all seeing that you all are reporting,” she said.

More gaslighting from the White House

There’s a great deal of irony in Jean-Pierre’s disingenuous statement, of course. Instead of fixing the border, Biden officials have prioritized demonizing Republican leaders who have sought to draw attention to the issue, tying the hands of immigration agents, and even defaming agents for doing their jobs.

Biden hasn’t even been to the border after almost two years on the job. In her sassy response, Jean-Pierre cited Biden’s proposed amnesty, which would reward lawbreakers with citizenship and encourage more illegal immigration, as a solution.

Rep. Kat Cammack (R-Fl.) gave an incredulous response to Jean-Pierre’s talking points, noting that Republicans have long called on Biden to simply enforce the existing immigration laws.

“We’re going to actually enforce the laws that are on the books,” Cammack told Newsmax. “And if Mayorkas won’t, we will. And if he can’t, then we’re going to put someone in his place that will actually do the job that he has taken an oath to do.”

If Biden’s “plan” was to cause chaos at the border, would he do anything differently?