Biden’s Justice Department will ask Supreme Court to permit student loan debt relief

The Justice Department noted in a court filing that it plans to request that the Supreme Court rule regarding the Biden administration’s student debt relief plan.

The move follows the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals blocking the policy on Monday.

The plan

“The government will be filing an application with the Supreme Court to vacate a separate injunction against the Secretary’s action entered by the Eighth Circuit earlier this week,” the DOJ said in the filing with US 5th Circuit Court of Appeals, according to CNN.

“We are confident in our legal authority to carry out this program, and will be taking this fight to the Supreme Court so that borrowers can get the clarity and relief they deserve quickly,” White House spokesman Abdullah Hasan also said in a statement in the report. “President Biden will never stop fighting to deliver relief to working and middle class Americans.”

The problem

“The Biden administration stopped accepting applications for its relief earlier in the month after a federal district judge in Texas struck down its plan last week, calling it ‘unconstitutional,'” CNBC reported.

“The court filing on Thursday asked the federal appeals court for the 5th Circuit to stay the Texas judge’s order pending an appeal by the Department of Justice of the ruling. The filing says the judge ‘lacked jurisdiction to enter an order,'” it added.

The court may have the final say in the controversial program that may believe is beyond the president’s authority.

Instead, Biden could be forced to approve a plan through Congress, something unlikely to happen with Republicans controlling the House.

The tensions continue as the year wraps up and the issue heads to the highest court in the land.