Biden’s own DHS whispers to CNN about his poor handling of the border

As his midterm election prospects fade, allies of President Joe Biden in government and the media are scrambling to distance themselves from the failed president and the mess he has made of the country.

Far-left CNN gave a platform to insiders at the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), of all agencies, to gripe and complain about Biden’s passive handling of the southern border.

DHS throws Biden under the bus

Officials who spoke with the outlet portrayed the White House as dismissive toward their ideas addressing the crisis. Communication between the DHS and White House is chaotic and unproductive, they said.

“Everything seems to influence each other,” one official told CNN. “Things develop. People change their minds. They lose one battle, and they do this instead.”

“I think they’re at the point where it’s Hail Mary after Hail Mary,” the official added.

It’s an interesting turn of events coming from an agency that has often been seen as deferring too closely to Biden, even to the point of policing domestic opponents on his behalf. The DHS was forced to shut down a “disinformation governance board” under pressure earlier this year.

Meanwhile, it was confirmed recently that DHS secretary Alejandro Mayorkas was aware that border agents did not use “whips” against Haitians in a well-publicized incident last year, but Mayorkas repeated the lie to stay in line with White House talking points at the time.

Biden’s disaster

However, it appears that others in the DHS are unhappy with being seen as Biden’s secret police. Of course, it would be premature to absolve DHS of blame in the border disaster, especially given the suspicious timing of the CNN report.

It came just a few days after damning new figures were quietly released showing that illegal immigration hit another astonishing record in the fiscal year that ended September 30. A shocking 2.38 million illegal immigrants were arrested at the southern border, a 37 percent increase from 1.73 million in 2021.

The crisis has become so desperate that Biden recently turned to expanding President Trump’s Title 42 policy, which Biden has fought to end in court, in order to curb immigration from Venezuela.

While disgruntled DHS insiders take shots at Biden in the media, the agency remains officially committed to peddling Biden’s delusional propaganda.

“The administration has effectively managed an unprecedented number of noncitizens seeking to enter the United States, interdicted more drugs, and disrupted more smuggling operations than ever before, all while reversing the cruel and harmful policies of the prior administration,” the agency said.