Biden’s Twitter account shares questionable testimonial about student loan forgiveness

President Joe Biden’s Twitter account shared a screenshot of a message he received about student loan forgiveness.

Many have highlighted the message appears to be fake.

The issue

“Thank you Mr. President. At 51 years old, my husband and I can finally start saving for our first home,” the message read.

However, there have been some posted concerns over the message. First, the president’s Twitter account does not accept direct messages, meaning it was not sent to his account.

More problems

The message also does not include an emoji that is even available on Twitter and other messaging apps.

The conclusion is that the image was clearly created for the post. However, the origin of the information is uncertain.

Others have expressed doubts over a 51-year-old American with $10,000 or more in student debt who is just now starting to save for a house. But that was just one of multiple messages claiming to be testimonials, as Biden shared others that are designed to support his recent student loan forgiveness plan.

While possible, it appears more likely that the post was created to identify with Biden’s audience. Whether or not the story is true has not been determined.