Bidens uses Independence Day weekend to push mass amnesty goals

While Joe Biden’s anti-American amnesty plan has been stalled in Congress since January, he isn’t abandoning his hopes of dramatically transforming the country.

The newly “woke,” open borders White House commemorated July 4 by touting America as a “nation of immigrants,” with a new government-wide effort to encourage millions of immigrants to become citizens, as the Washington Examiner reported. 

The plan was announced as Biden plugged his currently-stalled mass amnesty at a White House naturalization ceremony.

Biden’s open borders dream

Alejandro Mayorkas, the secretary of Homeland Security, said the effort will “ensure that aspiring citizens are able to pursue naturalization through a clear and coordinated process.”

As The Hill noted, the strategy will target some 9 million green card holders, as well as “those earlier in their immigration journeys,” and is the result of a February order to “promote inclusion, and citizenship.”

Immediately upon entering office, President Biden opened up America’s southern border with a series of executive orders eroding immigration enforcement and introduced the largest amnesty plan in American history, which has since stalled in Congress.

In a bizarre and contradictory display, Biden touted the amnesty plan — which would give citizenship to untold millions of people who broke into the country illegally — at a naturalization ceremony where new citizens swore allegiance to the Constitution.

Biden claimed that the bill includes “smart” border security and said Vice President Kamala Harris is doing a great job managing the “root causes” of the migration issue stemming from Central America.

Biden’s hostile gesture

Under Biden’s amnesty plan, illegal immigrants would be able to apply for green cards after five years, or immediately if they are eligible “DREAMers”, Temporary Protected Status (TPS), or farm workers, and then citizenship after another three years.

Unlike Biden, former President Donald Trump sought to crack down on illegal immigration and also sought to curtail legal immigration, including “chain migration,” the process of family sponsorship that has prevailed since the 1965 Hart-Cellar Act, and which Trump wanted to replace with merit-based immigration.

President Biden has constantly sought to contrast himself from his predecessor with the same message again and again: America is welcome to all foreigners, and there is no need to come in legally.

In what felt like a dramatically hostile gesture, as Breitbart reported, Biden even paraded illegal immigrants at the White House as America celebrated 245 years of sovereignty on Sunday.

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