Bill Maher says illegal immigration will be Biden's downfall

 June 16, 2024

According to liberal comedian Bill Maher, the way the Democrats have handled the immigration issue - particularly under President Joe Biden's administration - is going to be their downfall in the upcoming election. 

Maher, according to Fox News, said as much during a recent broadcast of his HBO show Real Time. 

The host seems to believe that immigration is such a big issue for Americans that it could hand the 2024 elections to the Republicans.

Not only does Maher believe this, but he claims to have proof.

"Voters keep saying . . ."

Among other things, Maher believes that the recent results in the European elections prove that the people have had enough with the typical open-border immigration policies that are supported by members of the political left, including Biden and other world leaders.

Maher, in particular, gave the example of Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Maloney, whom he referred to as "the only one who's strong on immigration in the European Union." He also referred to the recently-held European Parliament elections "where," he said, "there were voters again for the European Parliament said, 'we do not like this much immigration.'"

Maher, after saying that, unlike many on the left, he does not believe that Maloney is a fascist, continued, "Voters keep saying over and over again, we are not comfortable with this level of immigration and I understand why. It doesn't make you a racist to say that."

Then, the HBO host said that Democrat's refusal to take action on the immigration issues is "going to get the f***** at Election Day."

"It's happening. It's happening in Europe right now. That proves it in Europe. And it's going to happen here in America. It happened with Brexit. It's going to happen again," he said.

Maher might just be right

According to the latest Real Clear Politics aggregation of poll results, Biden is underwater by a whopping 28 percentage points on the immigration issue.

The only major issue that Biden is doing worse on is - not the economy, the Russia-Ukraine War, crime, foreign policy, or inflation - but the Israel-Palestine conflict, where he is 30 percentage points underwater.

There have been some recent polls that show just how dissatisfied voters are with Biden's immigration policy. One poll, for example, shows that 62% of registered voters want illegal immigrants deported from the country.

Another showed that even the majority of the Latino-American population wants Biden to shut down the border.

So, at the very least, there is no doubt that immigration is one of those major issues that might cause a voter to vote against Biden in the upcoming election.

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