Bill Maher: ‘We’ve gone from fat acceptance to fat celebration’

Many of those on the left have embraced something known as the “body positivity” movement, which seeks to destigmatize obesity. However, not all liberals are on board.

The Daily Wire reported that during a recent episode of his program on HBO, comedian Bill Maher  said the phenomenon poses a threat to the country. 

Maher calls celebration of obesity “disturbing”

“There’s a disturbing trend going on in America these days, rewriting science to fit ideology or just to fit what you want reality to be,” Maher began.

“We’ve gone from fat acceptance to fat celebration,” he noted, adding, “That’s new. That is new. To view letting yourself go as a point of pride.”

“We used to at least try and be fit and healthy, and society praised those who succeeded,” the host pointed out. “Now, the term ‘body positivity’ is used to mean ‘I’m perfect the way I am because I’m me.’

“It’s Orwellian how often ‘positivity’ is used to describe what’s not healthy. Of course you can get away with anything bad for you when you’re young,” Maher acknowledged.

“But let me ask you this: have you ever seen a fat 90-year-old? Scary, isn’t it? ‘Healthy at any weight’ is an unchallenged lie that people tell themselves so they can go on eating whatever they want, which is fine.”

Too many potential military recruits are overweight

Fox News reported last month that military enlistment goals are going unmet, in part because too many potential recruits are overweight, a fact that Maher referenced.

“It’s literally a national security issue now,” he complained. “Military recruitment is down by the most since the end of the draft because mainly 17 to 24-year-olds are too fat to fight.”

Maher drew attention to the clear link between obesity and such problems as heart disease, cancer, and diabetes, suggesting that those who enable unhealthy living are morally culpable for people dying.

“At some point, acceptance becomes enabling, and if you’re in any way participating in this joyful celebration of gluttony that goes on now, you have blood on your hands, full stop.”

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