Report: Billions of dollars in Afghanistan banks at risk of being seized by Taliban

A stunning new report from The Washington Free Beacon claims that billions of American dollars currently held in Afghanistan’s central bank could end up in the hands of the Taliban, now that the terrorist group is fully in control of the country. 

It is believed that the total amount of funds held at the bank could be as high as $20 billion, meaning that there is currently a genuine risk that the Taliban could soon line their coffers with $20 billion in cash, which would only serve to make them stronger.

The question on the minds of many in Washington is whether the Biden administration can — or will — do anything about it.


The cash is at risk, obviously, because it’s literally sitting in the vaults of Afghanistan’s banks, and the Taliban likely secured various financial institutions as a top priority when they reclaimed the country. However, a Biden administration official told the Beacon that the money, at least for the moment, is not at risk.

“A Biden administration official, speaking only on background about the matter, told the Washington Free Beacon that all Afghan assets held as investments in the United States — which amount to around $7 billion — have been frozen and ‘will not be made available to the Taliban,'” the outlet reported. “The Afghan central bank has around $10 billion in total assets, most of which are stored outside the country and out of the Taliban’s reach in the short term.”

Nonetheless, the outlet also reported that “Taliban leaders are pressing bank officials to give them access to these funds, according to Afghan government officials.”

What’s Biden’s plan?

The Beacon also spoke with congressional Republicans for its report. They said the Biden administration doesn’t currently have a plan to prevent the enormous stacks of money from ending up in the hands of the Taliban.

The issue, according to the GOP congresspeople, is that the Biden administration is putting its effort into evacuating Americans who are still trapped in Afghanistan, and, understandably to some degree, aren’t focused on safeguarding billions of dollars.

Having said that, there are reports that the Biden administration is considering the possibility of transferring some of the money to the Taliban in exchange for an agreement from the Taliban that it will not attack the U.S. embassy in Kabul.

In other words, we could be reverting back to Barack Obama’s version of foreign diplomacy, which includes negotiating with terrorists using pallets full of American cash.

A windfall

All-in-all, given the way the Afghanistan situation has deteriorated in recent days, there is a realistic chance that the money, or at least a portion of it, ends up in the hands of the Taliban. The Taliban has already managed, in the process of capturing Afghanistan, to seize billions of dollars worth of U.S. weaponry, including everything from guns to aircraft to heavy artillery.

The capture of Afghanistan has been nothing less than a total windfall for the terrorist group, and eerily enough, the Biden administration and his top officials seem surprisingly calm about the debacle.

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