Father of Parkland shooting victim blasts federal government for giving billions to Ukraine, refusing to fund school security

Following the tragic mass shooting at a school in Uvalde, Texas, some Republicans have proposed funding for increased security measures to “harden” schools as targets, but some Democrats counter that doing so is too costly and ineffective and instead have demanded stricter gun control laws.

The father of a victim of the 2018 Parkland school shooting in Florida, Andrew Pollack, however, says that if Congress can send $40 billion to Ukraine then it has sufficient funds to bolster school security to prevent or reduce the likelihood of future school shootings, the Washington Examiner reported.

Ever since Pollack’s beloved daughter, Meadow, was shot and killed at her Florida high school in 2018, he has become an outspoken advocate of increasing security at schools nationwide to discourage future active shooter attacks.

Money for Ukraine but not for protecting students

During an appearance Wednesday on Fox News‘ “Fox & Friends,” Pollack said the Uvalde shooting — in which 19 students and two adults were murdered by an 18-year-old gunman — had been “avoidable” if the security measures he has called for had been fully implemented.

“There’s no reason why we could give $40 billion away to Ukraine, and we can’t protect our children in this country,” Pollack said of the lack of support from the federal government.

Thus, it falls on parents to become more involved in the schools their children attend, and Pollack said, “They need to go to their local school districts, get involved, see who’s on their school boards, and see if they’re taking school safety seriously.”

Proposed solutions to improve school security

Pollack in that “Fox & Friends” appearance put forward the same proposed solution he has focused on for years now, and while admittedly not failsafe or foolproof, he nonetheless believes the measures will help to keep students safer than they have been — armed school resource officers, single points of entry into schools, perimeter fencing, and voluntarily armed and trained staff and teachers.

He offered up similar remarks in an interview this week with Breitbart, in which he said, “We print money and send billions around the world, yet we leave our children unprotected.”

“There is no reason why every school doesn’t have a single point [of entry] with an armed resource officer and teachers who are trained/armed to protect students,” Pollack added. “It’s 2022 — why would you send your kids to a school that doesn’t have a single point of entry and armed guard?”

“Everyone in the country thinks it can’t happen to them, but if your school isn’t secure, it can,” he said about his family tragedy. “Parents who do not insist on safety precautions are rolling the dice every day when they drop their kids off at the school.”

Pollack raises a valid point — one that both Democrats and Republicans are guilty of — in that the financial priorities of politicians in Washington D.C. don’t align with what the American people want and need, which is especially infuriating when one considers that virtually all schools could have their security bolstered substantially for a fraction of the money that is spent on arming Ukraine or any other issue that, while important to some, shouldn’t take precedence over the lives of innocent children.

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