Billy Joel defends Justin Timberlake after his DUI arrest

 June 20, 2024

Singer Justin Timberlake was recently arrested in Long Island on a drunken driving charge, sparking headlines across the entertainment industry. 

According to the New York Post, in the wake of the release of Timberlake's mugshot, some of his celebrity friends came to his defense, including legendary singer Billy Joel.

Billy Joel was hanging at the same place -- the American Hotel -- that Timberlake was reportedly drinking at prior to his DUI arrest.

The hotel is just five minutes away from Billy Joel's home.

What did he say?

Within hours of Timberlake's arrest, Joel made a statement to local media outlets warning people not to jump to conclusions.

"Judge not lest ye be judged," Joel said.

The singer spoke to the local media outlet while he was eating at the hotel, where Timberlake was spotted partying before he was nabbed by cops. Timberlake, according to sources at the hotel, was reportedly "wasted" and was drinking heavily, even downing someone's drink while they went to the restroom.

PIX11 noted:

Timberlake allegedly had bloodshot and glassy eyes, smelled like alcohol, had trouble speaking, and was unsteady, according to court records. He told the officer, “I had one martini, and I followed my friends home,” court documents alleged.

Timberlake had previously admitted that he had a problem with "excessive drinking," though he was never really known for that in the public eye, as this was his first run-in with the police.

Stiff drink

In a separate NY Post report, it was revealed that Timberlake had at least one super strong Martini prior to his arrest.

The report noted:

Justin Timberlake downed a stiff $21 cocktail made famous by fictitious British spy James Bond before his arrest for allegedly drunk driving in the Hamptons earlier this week, according to reports.

The 43-year-old “Cry Me a River” singer ordered a Vesper Martini from the menu of the American Hotel in the Sag Harbor on Tuesday, sources told the Daily Beast, who described the recipe as “all alcohol.”

The drink is reportedly made with no mixer, making it especially strong.

Timberlake pleaded not guilty to the charge.

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