Bishops could soon ban pro-abortion Dems from receiving Holy Communion

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops voted recently to move forward with adopting a document that would allow bishops to ban pro-abortion politicians from receiving Holy Communion, which would include President Joe Biden, according to the Washington Examiner

Although the document has yet to be finalized, it has already stirred partisan controversy as Democratic lawmakers would be disproportionately affected, given that so many of them espouse pro-abortion views, which go against the teachings of the Catholic church.

“The bishops could have dealt with this issue at any time since Roe v. Wade,” Washington Examiner writer David Freddoso wrote in an op-ed while accusing the bishops of being “weak” for not having implemented it sooner.

He argued that if Catholic bishops had adopted the policy sooner, “we would not have one party that views abortion as a sacrament or a system of politics in which a pro-life position requires a wholesale buy-in on one side of the political spectrum.”

Abortion “isn’t just any issue”

According to Freddoso, there are two legitimate reasons for banning the U.S. president and “others who want to take this position and prance around as though they are good Catholics” from receiving Holy Communion.

Abortion, the writer pointed out, “isn’t just any issue,” arguing that it is instead a “much more serious than your average sin,” since “there is an innocent human life involved here.”

He went on to insist that “because of the innocent, defenseless nature of the lives that abortion snuffs out every day,” it is a matter of even graver concern than whether something like a war is justified or if the use of the death penalty is acceptable.

“I don’t mean to be rude, but if you want to present yourself as some kind of Catholic, it just won’t do to make excuses for the cruel, blood-stained, and yes, racist institution of abortion on demand,” Freddoso wrote.

Biden “isn’t just any Catholic”

Further, Freddoso wrote, the president, like others in high-profile political positions, “isn’t just any Catholic,” but instead is someone who undermines the entire faith on a public stage when he continues to receive Holy Communion despite supporting pro-abortion policies and other progressive views that go against the teachings of the Catholic church.

“If an average Catholic advocates for abortion on demand and then goes to Communion, probably nobody is even going to know,” Freddoso wrote. “That doesn’t make it any better for his or her soul, but it also doesn’t cause a public scandal the way it does when Biden expresses his advocacy for abortion and then ostentatiously presents himself for Communion.”

“He is president,” Freddoso stressed, observing how “in today’s world, it is literally impossible to be more notorious than that.”

Whether it’s Biden, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), or a number of other Democratic politicians who seem to be fine with the killing of unborn babies, it’s high time the Catholic church and its leadership takes a stand on the issue, as God presumably isn’t worried about the political ramifications of such decisions.

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