‘A disconnect from reality’: Black suspect arrested in connection to shooting spree targeting white males

Among the latest senseless shootings to spark nationwide headlines occurred over the weekend in a spree that spanned two states.

According to reports, a Black suspect is believed to have shot a total of five strangers and subsequently admitted that he was motivated by racial animus.

“White males had taken from him”

Police say 39-year-old Justin Tyran Roberts told detectives shortly after his arrest that he held a grudge against white men and targeted them in the violent crime.

Of course, the emerging narrative does not align with the prevailing progressive argument that white supremacists pose the gravest threat to national security and this case has thus received relatively sparse mainstream news coverage compared to previous shootings.

Reports indicate the shootings occurred in three separate incidents in Columbus, Georgia, and Pheonix City, Alabama. All five of the victims are expected to survive their injuries.

At a preliminary court hearing, detective Brandon Lockhard said that Roberts confessed to seeking revenge against “military-looking” white men for the bullying he had previously received.

“Basically, he explained throughout his life, specifically white males had taken from him and also what he described as military-looking white males had taken from him,” the detective claimed.

“I had to have him”

The suspect reportedly said that white men fired slingshots at him in the woods and left him with wounds that later became infected, but police said they found no such evidence.

As for the shootings, early reports indicate they were totally random. Roberts does not have known personal ties to any of the victims. The suspect is described as a convicted felon who was arrested in Georgia with a 9mm handgun in his possession.

Investigators believe the shooting began Friday night when Roberts walked up to a white man exiting his car outside of a Mariott Hotel in Phenix City and opened fire. Two hours later, he allegedly shot two white men and a Black woman in Columbus.

The following afternoon, police believe he shot a fifth victim who was getting into his car in Columbus. According to detectives, Roberts said of his final victim: “I had to have him.”

Roberts’ lawyer claimed that he was “having delusions and a disconnect from reality.” He was ordered to be held without bond after prosecutors said the nature of his crimes made him a public safety risk.

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15 Responses

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  6. Doesn’t America see that the Democrat leaders are preparing the field to be able to take law abiding citizens’ guns away?

  7. Well he should be charged with a HATE CRIME !!!!!
    But, I seriously doubt that will be the case !!!!! If the races were switched, every news media would be giving it 24/7 coverage !!!!! But, they won’t because, you know white people are the devil reincarnated !!!!! At this rate, we pale skinned Americans can look forward to being ostracized regardless of our actual heritage and or beliefs !!! Sad thing is this BS is being pushed by white liberals !!!!! Do they really think they will be spared, because they kiss the hind end of BIPOC ?????
    As for me, I know that OUR HEAVENLY FATHER, created us all, I am equal to all, and beneath NO ONE !!!! JMO !!!

  8. Sadly – SO MANY don’t “SEE” anything!! They hear only the MSM and their lies! I know too many people who I perceive as very intelligent BUT accept the lies and have no clue as to what is happening in this country! I’m HOPING more and more are becoming aware of the control, corruption, malicious intent of the Dem’s, Elite, Swamp Creatures!!

  9. Typical leftist BS. The best thing we can do is to arm yourselves and learn how to use those weapons. Enough is enough.

  10. Judy R. Mcpherson,they can try,but 120 million + – legally armed Americans, minus those who are “sheople” will have something to say about that.The armed American militia,including military patriots are many,the unconstitutional criminals within the federal government are few.If a patriot gets one of them before they get that patriot,that patriot did his/her job.If that patriot gets more than one before they get that patriot,that patriot did his/her job better.I DO NOT condone violence against anyone,but we are now in a battle of life or death. John 8:32 KJV “And ye shall know the truth,and the truth shall make you free”.

  11. Judy, they can come for my guns, but when they show to take them, they will receive the bullets first. My bullets don’t discriminate between white, black, Hispanic or Asian. I would considered an equal opportunity deliverer of my firearms.


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  14. Another armed felon, causing anti-gun factions to think GUNS are to blame.
    Almost all shootings are not done by legal gun owners, but increase the chance for all of us to lose gun rights due to increased gun control.
    Be a safe carrier, get trained and educated in proper gun safety, and CARRY.

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