GOP Sen. Blackburn slams Biden’s executive orders for ‘restricting our freedoms’

President Joe Biden campaigned on a message of unity and a vow to reach across the aisle to achieve progress for the entire country.

Based on a series of controversial executive orders, however, many in the GOP are increasingly dismayed by the divisive policies that have come to define the fledgling administration.

“They are incredibly happy”

Echoing the complaints of many on the right, U.S. Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) is accusing Biden of “restricting our freedoms” as well as killing jobs and putting China first.

As examples of the executive actions taken by the Biden administration in its first two weeks were his decisions to rejoin the Paris Climate Accord, block further construction of the U.S.-Mexico border wall, and cancel the permit of the Keystone XL pipeline.

Critics have slammed his policies as “America Last” in contrast to the “America First” stance that defined the administration of former President Donald Trump. The breakneck pace of Biden’s executive orders has also been a theme among critics, but he is not showing any signs of stopping.

In remarks during an appearance on Fox and Friends Sunday, Blackburn argued that Biden is compromising up to one million jobs with his climate agenda while exposing law-abiding Americans to criminal immigrant gangs.

“People are watching this, and they are incredibly happy,” the senator said. “They are looking [at] what has happened with the climate change, with the Paris Climate Accords, with stopping the Keystone XL Pipeline. They are looking at how he is giving favors to China by restricting our freedoms.”

“I’m eliminating bad policy”

Blackburn went on to assert that Biden’s “actions this week have adversely impacted one million jobs” and “do not help the U.S. economy.”

Asked what the GOP can do to slow down the president’s pursuits, Blackburn urged members of her party to “block and tackle” the White House through legislative means.

In the meantime, however, Biden has proceeded this week with even more executive orders rolling back Trump’s immigration policies.

Specifically, he targeted the “Remain in Mexico” agreement and the public charge rule, which restricted green card issuance for immigrants expected to be in need of government assistance. The president also pledged to reunite families separated under his predecessor’s “zero-tolerance” policy.

Nevertheless, Biden continues to defend his wave of unilateral decrees, asserting: “There’s a lot of talk, with good reason, about the number of executive orders I’ve signed. I’m not making new law, I’m eliminating bad policy. … We’re going to remove this stain.”

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31 Responses

  1. Biden is the real stain that needs to be impeached! Trump did everything he could to keep America from being taken over by the New World Order. Now Biden is doing all he can to set America on that path again!

    1. Biden is a sick man and has to be impeaced. My mother had dementia and I am familiar with the look. Watched him on TV and I could tell you that he a problem with dementia so why didn’t his doctors or others around him notice.
      They just wanted him in office to control and follow what they wanted — Shame on them.

      1. The only problem the rest of them act the same way.We can’t win. If we get rid of Biden ,Harris takes over, We get rid of Harris then comes Pelosi.

    2. How does Biden show everyone the difference between
      ‘good policy and bad policy,
      ‘ or is good policy his, and the house policy, with no substance other than to attack Trump’s make America great? If his only ambition to become President was to destroy what Trump made Great, then he should be impeached under false pretense!!

    3. Where are the leaders for America? Biden Harris & Pelosi & more should go! They are not listening to what The Majority want,

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  3. Agree1000 percent! Biden is out to take our country down, according to the “ Obama agenda”! Obama is the one running this, Biden is too stupid!

  4. biden and phony need to be removed and served with treason along with nancy and chuckie this bs needs to be reversed in favor wit America not communism

    1. I’m sick and tired of this old man , I’m 80 yrs , he and his mentors have trashed the progress made by common folk in all our dealings be you yellow, black ,pink and whatever. Covid relief what a joke , just read all the stuff of giving the world our tax dollars , wanting to take our 2nd amendement rights to the sewer and taxing us for owning arms .
      Next I wouldn’t be surprised if we’re to burn our magazines and hard back books ( 1939-1940 ), devalue the dollar ,raise taxes ,damn the lot of them in
      D.C. , and they wonder why we’re getting pissed .
      Shame on you buggers ,all that have died for our Constitution are turning in their graves and rightly so.

  5. BiDumb will be remembered as the largest STAIN ever to soil America. He is bought and paid by China, Russia and Iran. He is an illegitimate imposter foisted upon us by traitors and corrupt oligarchs to ruin America.

  6. China is going to be the New World Order leader…. who cares that they’re performing genocide and suppressing people..but looking at the Democratic Party you would think they’re doing the same thing… besides using the new green deal and if covid-19 they’re trying to destroy many economy and the sad part they don’t care how many people they killed… remember one of their main agenda is to decrease the world’s population.. and once they destroyed the economy and everything else they will have control… America wants to know… why was Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer meeting with the Chinese officials at the lab and then when they return it’s when the pirate ship to United States could this be on purpose think about it people after all these Democrats we’re allowing many of their citizens the siege of business is love their cities burn down and yes many Democrats murder By antifa and BLM look at Nancy Pelosi she was holding Aid back from every American citizen including Democrat… open your eyes up nothing Joe Biden is doing is for helping the American people
    … in fact when you really look at it how many more of the American people must die before the power-hungry Democrat so our country to China and sit back and watch the show…. and the world has limited resources…but they really believe it is only for elites
    But just wait after China is finished with the Democrats getting America out of the way they will quickly become non-essential

  7. Biden has dementia and he is doing what he is being told to do by his handlers. He is our president in name only. The question is: Who is really our unelected president? Who is calling the shots? It is not Biden!

  8. We Americans must stand up against the Biden Criminal Agenda and we are calling on our representatives to BLOCK ALL his ANTI FREEDOM agenda.

  9. I guess were all waking up now. I can’t believe everyone didnt see this coming.
    Thats what we get when you listen to the lies told on news. It was so obvious before the election what was going on. The only truthfull person in the government the last four years was a few senators a few house reps. and the My President Trump.
    I hope you all see this now.

  10. Going to remove the stain? Wonderful, when do you plan to leave the White House and go back to your basement?

  11. He is unfit for the office. He needs to be in a nursing home. It seems like he is to busy kissing China’s butt and the illegals. He could care less about America. I wonder who is lining his pockets.

  12. Biden you are eliminating bad policy . But if you asked around you would find you are making BAD Policy , and making a huge STAIN. You have no plain . You DO NOT CARE ABOUT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE .


  14. Once they get our guns we are done. And they are coming for them. Either by force or taxes you can’t afford. It’s getting close to the end. It will be now or never soon.

  15. So far he is destroying America in anyway he can, so Senator Blackburn what are you & the rest of the Republicans doing to stop Biden & the Democrats, or is there something we can do to help. I sorry but am tired of hearing he is destroying our country & his band of goons are helping him make things worse, but the Republicans can’t even stand behind Trump, Cruse & the rest of the Republicans that are trying to fight back. The turn coat disgraces in your party need need to be dealt with & put in their place, you all should have never let what happen to Sen. Greene happen, but should have let Cheney get reprimanded! Plus why haven’t you gone after AOC for lying about 1/6, hiding in her office in a different building, plus all the other crazy stuff she lies about, then Waters inciting riots & telling people to hurt Republicans plus her & Omar using campaign funds for their family, Pelosi’ crazy waste of money on impeachments plus thousands of other crimes she has committed & all the other just plan crazy things she says & does, Schumer should be in jail for crimes & Schiff every word out of his mouth are lies & slander. I haven’t even gotten to the rest of them but I am tired of you all telling us how bad they are but do nothing to stop them!! Tell the Republican Senate & Congress to get off their butts & do something!!!!!!!

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