Former acting defense secretary blames Trump for inciting Capitol riot

Donald Trump’s final Pentagon chief has accused the former president of causing the “insurrection” at the Capitol with a speech to his supporters.

According to Breitbart, former acting Defense Secretary Chris Miller told VICE on Showtime Thursday that it’s “pretty much definitive that wouldn’t have happened” without Trump’s Jan. 6 remarks.

“Cause and effect”

Trump was impeached in the final days of his presidency, then acquitted as a private citizen after a rapid trial, of the charge of causing an “insurrection” at the Capitol with his words earlier that day and in the months preceding by claiming the 2020 election was rigged against him.

Trump’s defenders have pointed out that he called on his supporters to “peacefully” make their voices heard. But Miller said Thursday that he found Trump’s speech “concerning” and agreed that he feels the former president was responsible for the violence that followed.

“I don’t know, but it seems cause and effect. Yeah. Would anybody have marched on the Capitol, and overrun the Capitol, without the president’s speech?” Miller asked, according to Breitbart.

“I think it’s pretty much definitive that wouldn’t have happened,” he added. “So yes, the question is, did he know he was enraging the crowd to do that? I don’t know.”

Miller served as Trump’s Pentagon chief on a temporary basis during the final months of his presidency. Trump hired Miller after abruptly firing Mark Esper, who had angered Trump by refusing to invoke the Insurrection Act in response to riots prompted by the death of George Floyd over the summer.

Trump and his generals

Trump consistently had a fractious relationship with some of his generals throughout his presidency. Former Secretary James Mattis, his first defense chief, infamously resigned in protest when Trump sought to withdraw troops from Syria.

Miller’s criticism comes months after Mattis authored an op-ed excoriating Trump for wanting to use military force against leftist rioters who terrorized cities over the summer.

Ironically, Trump has since come under fire for not deploying the military quickly enough in response to his supporters rioting at the Capitol. Trump and many of his allies have said that it is hypocritical to focus on Jan. 6 without taking the summer’s violence into consideration.

Miller, for his part, rejected as “complete hyperbole” the idea that America came the closest it ever has to a “military coup” in the events surrounding Jan. 6.

According to Politico, he also addressed criticism that he was slow to react. “It comes back to understanding how the military works. This isn’t a video game,” Miller said Thursday. “It’s not Halo, it’s not Black Ops, Call [of] Duty.”

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31 Responses

  1. just another hatefilled A–hole wanting to make sure he gets attention. . . get the hell over it –Trump was /is the best thing that happened for this country and HE SHALL RETURN

    1. Ralph, You have that right. I cannot believe how many swamp creatures their are? All of the AG’s, Everyone of the FBI Directors, Most of the SCOTUS that would not follow the Constitution concerning the Fraudulent 2020 Election. and many more.

      1. I have read some where that the reason the SCOTUS didn’t take on any of the cases was that someone in the Biden’s admin said they would pack the court if they touch any thing that has anything to do the election….
        I might be wrong but this is what I have read and no I don’t remember where I got it ….. sorry…

        1. FDR tried to pack the court and it didn’t work neither will it work under Biden. Riots…. you haven’t seen anything yet. ..

  2. If he believe the BS he is spewing then he is a MORON of the highest order. A BLM Thug and an ANTIFA Thug were the leaders of those who broke into the UNCONSTITUTIONALLY Closed Capital Building.

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  4. All the losers come out of the wood work to. Critize after the fact.
    It’s a fact now and will be in history
    The election was stolen with the help of courts at all levels and corrupt governors and local authorities defying the constitution. The rioting was well planned.Politicians inside knew it and welcomed it ahead of time. Where’s the one who planted bombs the night before. Oh yeah it was Eric Trump! He’s still my President and I will support him if he runs again. In the meantime I would Oppose all these destructive actions these democrats are trying to force on Americans. Everyone who wants are country back should do the same. Oppose or be disposed of.

    1. Eric Trump? I don’t think ever ran for office, muchless the presidency. I believe u mean his father Donald Trump, not Eric Trump, Donald’s son..

      1. I think Rocco was suggesting Eric was the bomb planter as a plausible suggestion for Democrats to fall for. He should have followed up with Donald J. Trump is still my President, but failed to change the subject.

  5. As evidenced by the past, The pentagon is only relevant when there is a war so naturally they are going to say bad things about President Trump whose administration was successfully putting an end to unnecessary wars. The “current” administration is a pack of warmongers.

  6. The only way to clean up DC is Donald J. Trump to return as President, Judge Jeanine Pirro as the AG, possibly Trey Gowdy as the Director for the FBI, or someone of his character that is not afraid to clean up all of the corrupt management in the FBI.

  7. Ignoring the stolen election seems to be the Leftist/Media game plan. Pretend a non-entity like Joe Biden was elected and endure the disasters of immigration and fuel-costs and taxes in order to torpedo the best President we’ve had since Reagan? Seems crazy, but we are living the nightmare. We must reelect Donald Trump as soon as possible to literally save the nation from Leftist Insanity.

  8. Trump is an unconventional political fighter. That is why he had so much success and also why the Swamp wanted to keep him from ever running again. He will return and we will be winning again!

  9. All Miller just proved is that he’s just another phony political hack lying for his own gain. He wouldn’t stand in front of an adult and spew his rhetoric. It’s already been proven otherwise. Trump had nothing to do with it. it was his commie buddies who caused the problems. Them and the DC police.

  10. Well, Mr. Miller, it doesn’t much matter what you feel or think!!!! The truth here is the only thing that matters – AND THE TRUTH IS THAT THIS WAS AN INSIDE JOB!!! You may have been one of the insiders who helped to plan this riot on Jan 6th for all we know!!!

  11. Miller…YOU ARE AN IDIOT and a useless punk human being.
    Trump’s only mistakes were keeping lying swamp creatures Wray and Bart and nominating soccer ball mom Barrett and crybaby Kavanaugh.

  12. Boy ole boy sounds like another coward trying to cozy up to Democrats, folks there are few brave but too many cowards.

  13. Trump DID NOT CAUSE THE January 6th insurrection. Like the dossier it was planned and paid for in advance. Screw you Miller. Trump loves America and her people. It is the democrats who cannot stand it knowing how much his fans do love Him. Trumper’s are peaceful people but there is always a spoiler in every bunch.

  14. They are so desperate for news that these news people will send us anything to try & upset us, I don’t know who is the biggest idiot, Miller who has always been a jerk & idiot or the idiot who wrote the article! Please stop wasting our time, with all Biden & the Dems. are doing & this is your story today!!??!!??
    A good article would be how do we get Pelosi, Biden, Harris, & the rest of the Dems. out of office!

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