‘That’s impressive’: Barrett’s blank notepad from Senate hearings goes viral on social media 

All eyes on Capitol Hill are focused on the Senate as Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation hearing got underway this week.

During the second day of testimony, she sparked widespread social-media attention by revealing a blank notepad when asked by Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) to hold up the notes she had been using to answer questions, as reported by Fox News.

“Start your meme engines”

“That’s impressive,” Cornyn said in response. The viral moment gained traction as users of all political stripes put their creative muscles to use.

Most of the reactions included messages superimposed onto Barrett’s blank pad. Of course, some leftist critics could not resist tying the conservative Catholic to the dystopian novel The Handmaid’s Tale, despite reports debunking any such association.

Barrett has addressed the role — or lack thereof — that her faith plays in her decisions from the bench, including during her confirmation to the appeals court three years ago. “I would decide cases according to rule of law, beginning to end, and in the rare circumstance that might ever arise – I can’t imagine one sitting here now – where I felt that I had some conscientious objection to the law, I would recuse,” she said at the time. “I would never impose my own personal convictions upon the law.”

“Open wine”

Trump’s third Supreme Court nominee also received plenty of praise from admirers on social media.

While the notepad offered an opportunity for some levity, the hearings have covered weighty topics and some pointed verbal attacks from Senate Democrats.

Another viral moment also provided a few laughs on Wednesday. Barrett misspoke at one point, asserting that she approaches each case with an “open wine” before correcting herself and noting she meant “open mind,” prompting scores of social media users to weigh in — mostly by adding their mock approval of the original phrase.

Without any unforeseen developments, Barrett is poised to sail through a confirmation vote on the strength of a GOP majority in the Senate. In response, however, Democratic Party leaders have promised that all bets are off if they regain power next month.

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