GOP-led board of supervisors calls for end of Maricopa County election audit

An audit into the results of November’s presidential election in Maricopa County, Arizona, has received praise from the state’s Republican-led Senate and supporters of former President Donald Trump across the U.S.

Members of the GOP-led Board of Supervisors, however, are making it clear that they want the audit to come to an abrupt halt. Board members claimed in a statement that they believe the audit, which was ordered by the Arizona Senate, is spreading misinformation via claims about a supposedly deleted database and other perceived irregularities.

“Spoliation of evidence”

As a result, they held a meeting on Monday afternoon to address related concerns, during which the call for an end to the audit was approved.

Senate President Karen Fann wrote a letter to Supervisor Jack Sellers, the board’s chairman, to express suspicions raised by auditors, including an election database believed to have been improperly deleted by officials.

For their part, county officials vehemently denied deleting any such database and cited security issues in defending a decision not to provide certain personal voter information.

In a 13-page letter signed by all five county supervisors, the board declared: “These accusations are false, defamatory, and beneath the dignity of the Senate. They are an insult to the dedicated public servants in the Maricopa County Elections Department and Office of the Recorder, who work incredibly long hours conducting the County’s elections with integrity and honor.”

A Twitter account created by the audit team made similar assertions, claiming that “spoliation of evidence” was involved in a database deletion prior to the audit.

“Effectively and accurately”

Maricopa County defended itself in no uncertain terms in a tweet of its own, insisting that that claims of “deleted files” and “chain of custody issues” were unfounded.

The county board further accused private security firm Cyber Ninjas of “incompetence,” adding: “The failure of your so called ‘auditors’ to locate data files on the copy they made of the County’s server speaks more to their ineptitude than it does to the integrity and actions of our dedicated public employees who effectively and accurately run the elections in the fourth largest county in the United States.”

Supervisors have also argued that the Senate-backed audit was unnecessary and even refused to comply with subpoenas until a judge’s ruling in the matter. Two audits were conducted by local officials after the election, finding no irregularities and serving as the basis for the county’s stance.

“We are trying to do the best we can as publicly elected officials,” said Republican supervisor Clint Hickman. “We ran a bipartisan, fair election.”

The board refused to attend a requested meeting on Tuesday to address the issues, asserting: “We will not be responding to any additional inquiries from your ‘auditors.'”

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23 Responses

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  4. The constant barrage of scammers are ruining this blog!!! I will NOT continue to visit and/or comment unless the admin can control these parasites- they need to be DELETED and/or PREVENTED from posting where they are 100% not wanted!!

    1. I am sick of these people too. These are scammers and Facebook won’t do one thing about them. I have tried to get them removed as being Fake and Misleading. They won’t do one thing about them. Its useless to even ask that they be deleted or Prevented from Posting. If you come up with something that works, please let us know. Thanks for posting this.

  5. I think there is a lot of protesting going on if there is nothing to hide. Why would that be? Hmmmmmm?

  6. If these people have nothing to hide, why are they frantically trying to hide any “irregularities” and attempting to halt the audit instead of doing a thorough investigation? If there’s nothing to hide then why are they attacking the people doing the audit and desperately trying to downplay suspicious results! Guilty knowledge!!! It certainly appears that way! Something was and still is rotten in AZ and the smell is overwhelming! Let the fresh air in!

    1. I wonder if the GOP board is afraid that they will be found to be incompetent by allowing Democratic manipulation of the voting.

  7. There is way to much protesting and trying to shut audits down for there to be nothing to hide. I want to know what they are hiding. If there is nothing to hide then let the audit be finished and deal with the consequences of it. It is time for the truth to come out. We the people want answers to this.

    1. What is bothering me is that I know for a fact that Trump team and the military have all the voting data of all 50 states which showed that President won the election by a landslide and why they wouldn’t expose it and get over with.
      The only thing that I can think of is that they want to wait and see the traitors exposed themselves first.

  8. Well apparently the Audit is getting closer to the truth and if the truth comes out then other States are going to be wanting an Audit and then we all have a reason to push the Audit forward. Oh they are guilty alright. If they had nothing to hide there would be no need for an Audit. How many other States that are run by Democrats can even look anyone in the eye. Its just run over the Taxpayers an until we get fed up with the BS. Its going to Continue.

  9. Anthony Manzo
    Was this an open public meeting, or was it behind CLOSED DOORS. Nothing to HIDE ?????? I think they PROTEST TO LOUD. There must be FIRE behind their SMOKE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. YOU are right on Jimmyy….they don’t want their “audits” to be discovered as the shams that they were! If the Senate feels like there needs to be a verifiable audit run by an outside vendor, then the “goobers” of the county board should welcome it, so as to PROVE their audit was fair and above board! All their protests smell like they know another audit will prove their hiding of the truth that a fair and above board audit will show! Corruption again raises it ugly head!!

  11. Let’s bring them all in and give them all a lie detector test if our law enforcement can use this against regular people and if there is nothing to hide I would think that these so called honest people would be happy to prove there inocents

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  13. Any person voicing opposition to the the continuation of audits is probably being paid off by the Never Frauders.

  14. Fail to comply with legal subpoena, from the Senate, approved by Superior Court Judge, no problem.. We the People will instruct our elected representatives in the Senate to issue a Warrant for the missing information, and name the entire Board of Supervisors AND Dominion, et al to produce and deliver or be arrested.

    We the Citizens of Arizona are your boss.. You work for us, or “You’re Fired” [while held in jail] so, choose which path you truly want to take.

  15. These RINOS are in the Jeff Flake, John McCain bucket. Need to be removed from party leadership. If there is nothing to hide, let’s have a look. We all know that Trump won the state decisively. Yet if this is revealed, a domino effect will be the result. Soon, six or seven states will flip. Then what?

  16. They are fighting TOOTH and NAIL to have this audit stopped!! WHY!!! If there is nothing there, let it go to the natural end and everything will be exposed! BUT, if FRAUD is there IT needs to be exposed!! I think there was wide FRAUD in many more states that Arizona. The other SWING states need to have this done TOO as FRAUD was in all of them! NO WAY–REPEAT NO WAY does a cellar dweller Biden win with the campaign he ran—NO–HELL NO–IT WAS ALL RIGGED!!!

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