Bob Woodward calls Biden's debate performance a 'political h-bomb'

 June 30, 2024

President Joe Biden's debate performance was downright awful, and it prompted calls from throughout the liberal media and democratic circles for Biden to step down.

The debate was critiqued by many, including Watergate reporter and longtime Washington Post associate editor Bob Woodward, according to The Hill.

Woodward said that the performance was so bad that the public deserves to know what happened, right now, instead of down the line in a book or memoir.

The veteran reporter, like many others in the business, had his own theory as to how the process resulted in one of the worst debate performances in history.

What did he say?

Woodward didn't argue the revelation that there are now widespread calls for Biden to bow out of the race and let someone younger and sharper take on former President Donald Trump in November.

He called Biden's debate performance a "political hydrogen bomb."

"I sat there and watched it and I could not believe it. I said, not only is this a political hydrogen bomb for him and the Democratic Party, it, you know — what happened? What happened?" Woodward said.

He added, "Look, let’s step back. If a building blows up in downtown of some city, the story will be what happened and then the story will be how did this happen, why did this happen? And that’s where I’m very, very curious, because this was a mega disaster."

The Hill noted:

Biden’s debate performance sparked widespread fear among Democrats about his ability to beat former President Trump in the polls this fall. Some even are calling for him to step aside and let someone else attempt to defeat Trump.

Excuses and promises

The White House and select Biden staffers said after the debate that the president was fighting a cold in an attempt to explain his raspy, quiet voice on the stage.

Other die-hard defenders of the elderly, often-confused president insisted that he speaks the way he does because of a stuttering issue.

While Biden had a handful of people attempt to run cover for him, it simply didn't take in the media, or for the millions of people who watched him go down in flames in their homes.

The White House has vowed that Biden will stay in the race, but that very well could change.

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