Bobulinksi: No one asked him to authenticate Hunter Biden emails, says he could have ‘in 5 minutes’

Tuesday on Tucker Carlson Tonight, ex-Hunter Biden business associate Tony Bobulinski said that no one from any Big Tech outlet ever asked him to verify the emails between him and Hunter Biden that said President Joe Biden had been involved in his son’s business dealings.

Facebook never reached out to me and said, hey, Tony we see this email that The New York Post just published to you, is it real? Can you produce the email to us? Within five minutes, if Twitter, Facebook, anybody else had reached out, I would have produced the email with — everyone wants to talk about the metadata, oh, the emails that are being produced don’t have any metadata — I would have given them the metadata that’s pages long on that email that The New York Post published.”

Instead, Big Tech and the rest of the media besides the Post claimed that the emails in question had no metadata, using that assertion to bolster their argument that the emails were not reliable and did not prove the president’s involvement.

Bobulinski named Andy Stone as the individual who he says “throttled down the fact pattern” about the emails and got Big Tech to censor the story until after the election.

Shut down

He claimed that Stone “never reached out” to him, called his lawyers, or emailed him about the story.

“My email address was there. I’m easy to get ahold of,” he said.

According to the Post, Stone is a Democrat operative and the Policy Communications Director for Facebook at the time.

He shut down the story about the Biden laptop the same morning it was posted by the Post, saying it needed to be verified by fact-checkers, so it makes sense that he also sidelined Bobulinski by doing what the mainstream media and Big Tech do best–ignoring any story that doesn’t fit their narrative or makes a Democrat candidate look bad.

The Post even suggested that the FBI might have spied on the computer store owner where the laptop was left or on then-Trump advisor Rudy Giuliani, who was given a copy of the laptop’s hard drive, in order to shut down the story so quickly.

Election interference

Later polling showed that knowing about the laptop, which was (much) later authenticated by the New York Times and Washington Post, would have swayed enough voters to change the outcome of the presidential election.

As the next election looms, we can never forget that Big Tech in collusion with a Democrat-led cabal managed to do what they have been trying to do for decades–control the media in order to control the outcome of an election.

They will undoubtedly be trying the same kind of election interference in 2022 and every single election afterward, and at this point there is nothing to stop them from succeeding again. America is no longer free when this kind of mass-scale cheating in elections is allowed to happen.