SFPD bodycam footage reveals moment of disturbing hammer assault on Paul Pelosi

 January 28, 2023

On Friday, on orders from a judge, the San Francisco Police Department publicly released several items of interest in relation to the Oct. 28, 2022, physical assault of Paul Pelosi, husband of former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), during a break-in at their San Francisco residence.

The court-ordered release included the bodycam footage of a responding officer that showed the moment that Pelosi was attacked and severely injured with a hammer, the Washington Examiner reported.

Also included in the public release was the audio of Pelosi's call to 911, footage from a Capitol Police-operated surveillance camera on the Pelosi home that showed suspect David DePape forcing his way into the house, and audio of DePape's first interview with police after he had been arrested immediately following the attack.

The attack as it happened

The bodycam footage began with the two dispatched SFPD officers approaching the Pelosi residence to knock on the front door and wait for a response, which came about 15 seconds later.

Once the door was opened, both Pelosi and DePape were seen standing in the entryway, each with a hand grasping the hammer between them. DePape, who was wearing shorts and a pullover jacket, grasped Pelosi's wrist with his other hand, while Pelosi, wearing boxer shorts and a dress shirt, held a glass with ice and liquid in his other hand.

Both men appeared to smile at the officers and DePape said "Everything's good" when asked what was going on, but when the officer then ordered DePape to "drop the hammer," he calmly replied, "Umm ... nope," and wrenched it away from Pelosi's grasp.

In an instant, DePape then raised the hammer above his own head and swung down hard on Pelosi's head, sending both men tumbling to the side and out of view of the officers standing outside the front door.

The officers swiftly rushed inside and tackled DePape on top of the grievously injured Pelosi and struggled momentarily to subdue the assailant and apply handcuffs. Pelosi, meanwhile, had dropped the glass he had been holding and could be heard snoring almost immediately as he lay unconscious in a pool of blood just inside the entryway to his home.

The break-in, the 911 call, and the initial interrogation

The bodycam footage and other evidentiary exhibits had been ordered released by a San Francisco judge in response to a lawsuit filed by a coalition of media outlets and over the objections of both the prosecuting and defense attorneys, who had argued that the evidence could contribute to additional misinformation and conspiracy theories and undermine DePape's right to a fair trial, the Examiner reported.

Also released was the surveillance camera footage that showed DePape using the hammer to smash the glass on a side door to gain entry into the home, as well as the audio of Pelosi's call to 911, in which he cryptically tried to alert authorities to the situation while in the presence of DePape.

The SFPD also released an audio recording of its initial interview with DePape following his arrest, in which he confessed to the assault and spoke of his actual intention to kidnap and torture then-Speaker Pelosi.

DePape remains in jail, Pelosi still recovering

Per the Daily Wire, DePape is facing an assortment of state and federal criminal charges in this incident that, if convicted, will likely land him behind bars for potentially the remainder of his life.

He is currently being held without bail in custody and has another court hearing scheduled for Feb. 23 in which a date for his trial will be set. Meanwhile, Pelosi is reportedly still recovering from the serious injuries he suffered to his head, including a skull fracture that required surgery to repair, as well as his right arm and hand.

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