Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro says he has tested negative for COVID-19

He has famously survived a stabbing attack, and now he can add the coronavirus to the list of health hazards he has conquered.

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, an ally of President Donald Trump, announced in a Twitter post that he is doing just fine after emerging from a bout with the virus, according to The Hill.

Bolsonaro beats coronavirus

It would be an understatement to say that Bolsonaro has gone against much of the rest of the world’s approach to fighting the pandemic.

The larger-than-life figure, whose persona and rhetoric have earned comparisons to Donald Trump, has dismissed the virus and likened it to the flu, while pushing aggressively to keep his country’s economy open. He has gotten into fights with health ministers and made conspicuous appearances in packed crowds.

Few world leaders have shown more contempt for the “expert”-approved tack, even as over 2 million Brazilians have been infected and more than 85,000 killed by the virus, as noted by The Hill. So the international media establishment didn’t hesitate to say “I told you so” when Bolsonaro was sickened himself on July 7, but the right-wing figure seems to be having the last laugh.

After two weeks and three positive results, his test results finally came back negative, he shared on Saturday, according to Reuters.

“BOM DIA A TODOS,” he tweeted in all caps, which means “good morning everybody” in Portuguese, while flashing a thumbs up.

“Tropical Trump” takes a lap

The controversial figure was famously stabbed while running for president in 2018, but he survived and went on to win his election. His cavalier approach to the virus seemed to grow almost naturally out of the macho, devil-may-care — “Trumpian,” for lack of a better term — image he has cultivated.

Bolsonaro has sworn by hydroxychloroquine, the anti-malarial drug that President Trump has been slammed for touting as a potential cure for COVID-19.

“We know that there is no scientific evidence, but it worked with me,” Bolsonaro said. “The future will say whether that remedy is effective or not. It was for me. I believe in it. If it was, a lot of people were wrong. People with responsibility.”

To celebrate his negative diagnosis, “Tropical Trump” reportedly went for a motorcycle ride around Brasilia, his nation’s capital city, and was quoted as saying, “I didn’t feel anything, not even in the beginning. If I hadn’t taken the test, I wouldn’t have known I had the virus.”

Here’s to your health, Mr. President!

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