Report: John Bolton alleges Trump foreign policy ‘transgressions’ in upcoming book

John Bolton is apparently up to his old tricks again.

President Donald Trump warned Monday that his former National Security adviser could face criminal penalties if he goes ahead with publishing an allegedly damning upcoming book that, according to The Washington Post, purports to describe serious official “transgressions” committed by the president.

Bolton teases Trump “transgressions”

Republicans accused Bolton of taking advantage of a desire to oust Trump from office back when excerpts of his book leaked to the press during the president’s impeachment trial which focused on a trifling conspiracy theory having to do with Ukraine that has long since been forgotten by most Americans.

For the most part, little has been heard from Bolton since, as his manuscript went through an intensive security review by the government — but Bolton is now hoping to push his book through to publication next week.

With months to go before the November election, Bolton’s publisher is offering an appetizer in the form of details about allegedly impeachable foreign policy “transgressions” by Trump — evidently, Ukraine alone will no longer hold the nation’s attention — and it claims that Trump’s decision-making was motivated almost entirely by his desire to get a second term in office.

On Monday, Trump warned that the book — which the White House has long said contains classified information — could land Bolton in legal trouble, as the White House threatened to seek an injunction against it, according to the New York Post.

“I will consider every conversation with me as president highly classified,” Trump said. “If the book gets out, he’s broken the law. And I would think that he would have criminal problems. I hope so.”

Looming legal trouble?

Bolton left the White House last year after a falling out with President Trump, who has made no secret of his displeasure with the mustachioed former adviser and his hawkish foreign policy views.

A D.C. Swamp veteran who has been assailed for his support of regime change in countries around the world, Bolton has also taken heat from some on the left for prioritizing his book over his testimony during the impeachment saga.

“John Bolton is an example of a purported public servant who not only put party over country, he put his own profits over country. Despicable,” Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA) said in reference to the upcoming release.

Bolton and his publisher have accused the White House of trying to suppress damaging truths about the president, but Attorney General Bill Barr has said that the book deals with “inherently classified” information that is of government interest, according to the New York Post, and even the attorney for the Ukraine “whistleblower” agrees that Bolton could land himself in trouble.

It all begs the question of what, exactly, Bolton is trying to do here.

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