Bondi: Judge in Flynn case should be removed immediately

General Michael Flynn has gone through hell – and now, one rogue judge is determined to keep him under the thumb of the US government.

That judge, Emmet Sullivan, needs to be removed immediately, says top Trump defense lawyer Pam Bondi. 

Sullivan has refused to grant the Justice Department’s request that he dismiss the criminal case against former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn.

His temper tantrum led him to invite other parties not involved in the criminal case to submit arguments known as amicus briefs to show why the case against Flynn should not be dismissed.

Let’s get this straight – the government was prosecuting Gen. Flynn – unjustly – and they realized this and stopped. Sullivan then went shopping for someone else to prosecute Flynn.

Does that sound like the sort of impartial judge that our justice system requires? I think not.

Sullivan needs to be removed – immediately.




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