Fox News’ Bongino says Democrats exploit chaos and crime to increase control over cities

Have you ever wondered why the Democrats who are running cities with high crime rates never seem to get crime under control? One Fox News host believes that he may have a shockingly disturbing answer to that question, Fox News reported.

According to Fox News contributor and podcaster Dan Bongino, the Democrats running cities with high crime rates likely want crime and chaos to continue in order to gain more control. 

Proof in the stats

On the Fox News Channel’s The Five, Bongino and his fellow co-hosts recently discussed the issue of crime surges in major cities — cities run by Democratic leaders.

The group noted that crime rates have spiked, and reports consistently show that crime is at its worst in Dem-run cities. Bongino noted that nine out of the top 10 cities that are currently experiencing spikes in violent crimes have Democratic leadership at the helm.

For example, the city that currently has the highest murder rate per capita is Democrat-controlled Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In the first half of 2021, the city saw an astonishing 300 people murdered.

Why is it happening?

The big question: Why is this crime surge phenomenon allowed to continue? Why don’t the Democrats in charge of these cities, like Mayor Lori Lightfoot in Chicago, do something about the out-of-control crime issues? Bongino, and the hosts of The Five, explored the question.

Bongino pointed to the Democrats’ latest explanation — or non-explanation — for the crime surge, namely, the COVID-19 pandemic. Bongino noted that such an explanation leaves out more likely reasons, such as the Democrats’ recent push to “Defund the Police,” or, more generally, the Democrats’ “soft on crime policies.”

“That’s a bad guy’s dream,” Bongino said.

Solving the mystery

From there, Bognino turned to the most pressing question for concerned Americans.

“But the question is, why on earth would you want your town to be like that?” Bongino asked. “Like the people in charge who are making the decisions, why are they putting us in that position?”

Bongino continued: “And the only thing I can think of — it’s mainly liberal cities out there — What’s the thought process? They want destruction, chaos, these things, why? So they can have more control over their town? Maybe the wilder it gets, the more they can clamp down? That’s the only reasoning I can find behind it.”

While it’s scary to wonder if that’s the true reason why Democrats are seemingly unconcerned with spikes in violent crime, at this point, nothing should surprise us.

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