‘It’s disgusting’: Bongino says he ‘gave up on the justice system,’ predicts no charges against Hunter Biden

President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, is back in the news over allegations of possible criminal behavior related to information he provided in a background check form prior to purchasing a firearm.

Despite the latest wrinkle in the saga that includes an FBI investigation dating back to 2018, however, at least one prominent conservative pundit does not believe Biden will face any criminal charges when the probe is complete.

“Show me evidence otherwise”

According to Fox News Channel contributor Dan Bongino, the “justice system is blind to Democrats” and Biden is sure to get off scot-free despite mounting evidence of wrongdoing.

“Listen, I’m sorry, I gave up on the Justice Department a long time ago,” he said this week. “I’m sorry. Show me evidence otherwise.”

Bongino went on to list off evidence reportedly recovered from a laptop that belonged to Biden and was seized by federal investigators from a Delaware computer shop. Even those claims, however, did not give him any hope that justice would be done in the case.

“It’s Hunter Biden’s laptop, signed by Hunter Biden, billed to Hunter Biden with pictures of Hunter Biden, with Hunter Biden’s emails, but gosh, whose computer could that possibly be?” the host asked sarcastically.

Biden still claims not to know anything about the laptop, but information reportedly obtained from it seems to implicate him — and other members of his family — in influence peddling and other potential crimes.

“Their eyes are wide open”

For his part, Bongino concluded that the picture would look quite different if Biden were the son of a GOP president.

“If this was Donald Trump Jr.’s laptop with pictures of Donald Trump Jr., signed by Donald Trump Jr. and billed to Donald Trump Jr, he’d be in a federal prison right now for 25 years for selling the country out to China,” he alleged. “But, because it’s Hunter, nah you do interviews and sell a book on it. You want me to have faith in the justice system? The justice system is blind – to Democrats. To Republicans, their eyes are wide open. It’s disgusting.”

Biden’s forthcoming memoir, Beautiful Things, is already being lauded by some in the mainstream media — but the contents of the aforementioned laptop appear to cast doubt on some of its claims.

He seems to be honest about his past struggles with drug use, but the book reportedly glosses over some of the claims the press has reported, albeit reluctantly, about him.

Among the revelations reportedly included in the memoir are that his father was emotionally absent after his mother died in a car crash and that the younger Biden both idolized and resented his brother, Beau, who died in 2015. The selective transparency on display in the book was enough for Maureen Callahan of the New York Post to label it a “political fairy tale.”

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