Former US Border Patrol chief patrol agents publish joint letter to Congress over escalating crisis

The crisis on the southern U.S. border continues to burn out of control as unaccompanied minors are held in facilities meant for a fraction of the current volume of detainees. President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris seem to be uninterested in making the tough decisions necessary to bring the situation under control.

According to Breitbart, the situation inspired a group of 11 former chief patrol agents of the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agency to write a joint letter to Congress in an effort to relay their concerns over what’s happening at the border right now, even labeling it a humanitarian crisis. 

What did they say?

It should be noted that the former CBP agents who penned the letter have over 100 years of combined experience working in various capacities within the agency that oversees border security, with at least four of them former in high-level positions.

In the letter, they raised concerns about the near future of the crisis and warned that at the current rate, it’s on track to become the most impactful and dangerous border security situation in United States history. They also blamed Biden’s policies for what’s happening, without mentioning his name directly.

“However, the change in administrations, strong signals in policy changes and security postures at the border has created a hyper-acceleration in the number of undocumented migrants seeking to enter the United States,” they wrote.

Though many high-profile Democrats, like Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) continue to blame the administration of former President Donald Trump for the current crisis, it’s logical and clear to many that the situation was exacerbated by Biden’s promises on the campaign trail to open access to the country along with his early decisions to roll back his predecessor’s aggressive policies on border security.

The experienced border officials who wrote the letter have worked under a number of past presidential administrations and, to date, is one of the strongest non-partisan calls for Congress — or somebody — to take action to begin bringing the situation under control.

What’s the solution?

The letter wasn’t simply a complaint about the current border crisis, rather, it offered a number of suggestions for Congress to tackle the issue, as it seems they’re either struggling to do so or don’t have the political courage to make certain choices, as many of those choices would fly directly in the face of Biden and Harris’ campaign promises.

In the first suggestion, the former CBP officials call on Congress to get involved in the matter, noting that it has been some 25 years since Congress intervened on immigration issues. Immigration policy has largely been handled by presidents in that time frame.

Secondly, they called on Congress to listen to those with experience on the matter, like those who wrote the letter. They said that by listening to seasoned border security veterans, it can ensure that the right policies are put in place while navigating the budgetary consequences involved.

Speaking of budgetary issues, their last bit of guidance implored the administration to not let money issues get in the way of good policy execution, noting that it’s one of the most common causes of breaking down what would otherwise be sound policy moves. They added that federal law enforcement agencies tasked with border security are currently underfunded.

At this point, the time has come for Congress to bite the bullet and make things happen as the Biden administration seems unwilling to do so, not to mention the fact that this crisis likely hasn’t even peaked yet.

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26 Responses

  1. I can’t believe that the Democrats are this power hungry for votes to keep them in charge that they are putting our Country in danger like this. They all complained about the kids in Trumps administration (started with Obama & Biden who built the cages for the families) but they are not saying anything about what they have created. The white house has asked the Senators who posted pictures of how bad it is to take their video’s and pictures down. NO, they need to show the people of the USA what is happening under the Biden/Harris administration. Take Nancy P, Chuck S, out of their jobs, they have been in too long and they no longer care about our great nation!

    1. Totally agree with you. The border wall needed to be finished. They will destroy this Country and i don’t think any of them care.

      1. Debora, you are exactly right!!! The Democrats don’t look at anything further than the end of their noses! If they realized that what they are ruining by the ignorant way they are using their positions, they might even try to work FOR AMERICA and not against it!! It would seem that they have forgotten the purpose of their job, and instead are hell-bent on destroying the other half of our government!! If they looked beyond their behavior they would understand that whatever they do to harm the Republican party, they are also harming their own future families, R or D and that is harming the USA!!
        Both parties were nominated and voted into office to guard against exactly what is being done to America right now, and the opposing world leaders are sitting back, smiling and wondering just how long it will be before America FALLS APART, (FROM THE INSIDE) and how soon they can each participate in the DEMISE of the BEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD! The DEMS have opened the door to their own future generations demise!

    2. Cheryl I agree with you 100% what is wrong with Biden he should be out of there he is Killing our Country and Making up his ouw rules and blaming Trump Does he understand Trump had it all under control Now look at it Children in Cages people deing what will he do Next Start a War China NOT TO HAPPY with BIden He JUST DON”T CARE Like FATHER LIKE SON both NO DAMN GOOD cheat lie a discrate to our Country God Help US ALL

    3. The Democrats are so power hungry they will sacrifice the lives of Americans to gain control. President Trump is the only president of my lifetime to actually keep his promises and put the America first. The Democrats and their media hate him so that they allowed people to die from the corona virus rather than admit that Hydroxychloroquine worked. As long as people only watch the MSM they will not know what is happening. The media, which I compare to Russia’s Pravda, covers for the Democrats. The Democrats and their media will continue to not report or distort the facts of the border crises and the facts of the corona virus. They covered for Carter, they covered for Clinton, they covered for Obama and they will cover for Chi-com Joe.

    4. The Dems. are power-hungry enough that they have discussed about and how the of killing the Conservatives. As time goes on, when ideas come up, it doesn’t stay stagnant. Things build up ’till something erupts. Unless we stay on guard, who knows when, but considering current conditions, it will happen. It doesn’t seem that the Conservatives have their guard up yet. But they better wake up before it’s too late!

    5. And I can’t believe that anyone would think Congress is going to go against the Fraud Administration on anything, due to the fact that the majority is in on the sinister American takedown plan.
      They want Totalitarianism: the New World Order.

  2. Finish the wall! That is the number one thing and listen to the men/women that work the borders and put some positive actions on what is going on. Get with the President of Mexico and seek his help on this problem .
    Stand firm and stop being a weakling. We as a AMERICA, cannot afford all those trying to come into our country illegal. There is a right way and a wrong way. Send ALL that are coming to the border back, including all children. Send them back to who they were with, before coming to the border. Put them on a bus and take them back. We as AMERICA cannot afford to take care of them and shouldn’t have to. Biden, is weak and can’t seem to think ahead of what is happening to our country. The far left is pushing for this as all they can see is votes for the democrat party. now if they could get the age of voting to 16. They would have a huge voter population right away. We need a party that cares about our country and making it strong again, not just a power take over to fill their ego. We need to ALL work together.

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  4. Biden is not finishing the wall for ego purposes. If you listen to former Hillary and Obama clips, you will hear them mention the need to slow down illegal immigration and, I believe, mentioning the need for a wall.

  5. Its Absolutely disgusting how they gave Trump such a hard time, and not one time did the Democrats get involved to fix the immigration policies that would protect this wonderful Country we live in and still help and provide a solution to have legal immigration put in place for all those that wish to come to this country! All that happening right now is is disgraceful and hurting so many children.

  6. Agree with all posts! Finish the wall, send the illegals back across the border, get Piglosi out of congress, then impeach Biden and Harris, put the RIGHTFUL president, President Trump back in office!

      1. I cannot help but wonder how the people that helped to cheat on the electon, are feeling now, with American jobs suffering,,, with the people from the southern hemisphere walking north to cross our border with Mexico being totally ignored and knowing that the solution being tossed around as it MUST be. Our STUPID CURRENT REGIME is continuing to deny the disaster that is happening, and not doing anything to even COPE with the situation, except URGE more to WALK TO AMERICA!! EVERY NEGATIVE THING THAT THEY ARE ALLOWING TO OCCUR, WILL ALSO AFFECT THEIR OWN CHILDREN AND EXTENDED FAMILIES, and they are TOO STUPID TO REALIZE IT!! There are 10-14 DEMS that need to be GONE IMMEDIATELY, to save AMERICA for TODAY AND TOMORROW! IMPEACH THEM ALL FOR TRYING TO DESTROY OUR AMERICA!!!

  7. The facts are there, and are in plain view ! ! ! Biden is destroying America. . . And is being allowed to do this by spineless Americans . . . . Cannot understand why Americans of either party do not put an immediate end to this, and stand up for our country? The future of America depends on what we do NOW ! ! ! BE AWARE ! ! ! CHINA IS WATCHING ALL OF THIS . . . . . .WE AMERICANS NEED TO UNITE NOW AND DO WHAT WE KNOW IS THE RIGHT THING . . . .

  8. Biden doesn’t want to deal with it so he tells His VP to and she wants nothing to do with it,these are the Abbott and Costello of our country unfortunately they are also our leaders,sad very sad,do they think the problem will just go away

  9. Finish the wall and put guards all over that wall and protect this country BIDEN….no time to be a frail weak Pres. now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. This is the mess that a duly unelected president has made for the country. A man who has no idea of what he is doing, and who ever is pulling his strings does not either. They don’t want to call this a crisis that it is challenging, well it is a challenging crisis, a mess of epic proportions that needs a man of epic proportion to solve it. It needs a Trump to trump it. The people now on the thrown have shown that they are no capable of handling the situation, and therefore need to step aside.

    1. Also it is The Problem Of those Who insited That the vote Counting had To be Stopped We watched as The people at the Polls showed how The votes were added after Sending All republicans Home and Then put the False Ballots Thru the Machines Over and Over again and many ballots only had Biden Name On no votes For senate or House It was all fraud.

  11. Use video from sources, interview USBP agents etc
    & make a Huge show for House & Senate.
    Have 18 on your side

  12. All them Leftist people went slap crazy with just the thought of taking children without their parents before and it looks like they are doing the same thing, but now half of the kids don’t even belong to these parents. When are we going to impeach this insane dummy in the White House sometimes when he’s not hiding in the basement.

  13. Why does Nancy need the National Guard:
    Pelosi needs the NG to protect her while she and the other Democrats are are busy undermining the constitution, and violating their oath of office. In other words they are committing treason, and using the NG for protection while they are doing it, by keeping the people out. Who is visiting the capital with the troops all over the place. Maybe a few Chinese?

  14. Solution to the problem of the press vilifying the police, by accusing the police of hunting down and killing minorities. The press has no evidence of such a trend. They are using this only to increase their ratings and sell papers. This is done by vilifying and endangering law enforcement officers, putting them more at risk for doing their job. The solution is simply to make the media and the press, also print the justification for their reporting, in other words if they can’t report the facts they should not report anything. If they report something that later is found not to be true, they must print a redaction on the front page, that covers at least half of the page, a long with an apology to any that might have been aversely effected by the report. You would soon see better more responsible reporting when the press see redactions on the front page instead of hiding them in back where they are never seen.

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