Pelosi claims US is ‘on a good path at the border’ under Biden’s ‘leadership’

Nancy Pelosi is clearly not paying attention.

In a downright embarrassing moment that showed just how oblivious the House speaker is to reality, Pelosi (D-CA) told reporters with a straight face on Wednesday that America is “on a good path” when it comes to handling the ongoing migrant crisis at the U.S–Mexico border — and it’s all thanks to President Joe Biden.

“The fact is that we’re on a good path at the border under [the] leadership of President Biden,” Pelosi asserted, according to the Daily Caller. “We were in a very bad situation under the Trump administration.”

The Three Rs

Speaking at an event in California to promote the coronavirus “relief” package that Democrats pushed to Biden’s desk last month without even an inkling of Republican support, Pelosi suggested that fixing the ongoing border crisis involves undoing the accomplishments of former President Donald Trump.

“It’s about restructuring how we do what is happening there, because we were in a very bad situation under the Trump administration,” she said, according to a transcript from her office. “It’s about a refugee plan… We have to have a decent respect for our responsibilities for people who have a legitimate cause for refugee status. And we also have to have their resettlement as quickly as possible.”

Pelosi added: “So, I call it the three Rs, restructuring the whole system, respecting the refugee status that we have an obligation to do and the resettlement in a way that is safe for the children, because it’s always about the children.”

Take a look:

Ignorant, liar, or both?

Of course, Pelosi’s assertion that everything is on the up-and-up at the border largely ignores the truth: that the number of migrants coming into the U.S. through its southern border has skyrocketed under Biden’s reign. Just this week, border officials revealed that more than 172,000 migrants had been stopped at the border in March, the highest number in nearly 20 years, according to ABC News.

According to NPR, that figure includes “nearly 19,000 children and teenagers traveling without a parent — double the levels from February and the most ever in a single month.” And that only counts those who were actually apprehended by border officials.

Indeed, with numbers like these, it’s clear that the U.S. is on anything but a good path forward at the border — something Pelosi is apparently ignorant to, “or chooses to ignore,” as Townhall’s Julio Rosas argues.

“[T]he current surge at the southern border has been caused by the open border rhetoric and policies that have been put in place by the Biden administration,” Rosas wrote Wednesday. If Pelosi can’t see that, it’s just further proof that she has no business being in one of the nation’s top leadership positions.

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35 Responses

  1. When is the last time miss putrid Pelosi visited the border to see how it was going. Right….never…. she is too high and mighty to put herself in among the immigrates. That woman has to go.

  2. Those of us with brains and common sense, know that Pelosi is totally nuts! Biden doesn’t have a clue as to what is going on, and he is nothing but a puppet for the Democrats! I often wonder how does someone like Pelosi become Speaker of the House?! It sure doesn’t say much for the intelligence of the people who keep voting for her, as well as the Democrats in congress!

    1. I would wonder how Nancy would handle it if her children or grandchildren being raped and sold as slaves like the Catholic charities young women and children are ! Do your research!! We are being lied to by this very person in a very big way!! It is hard to believe our government is committing cromes worse than the Nazi’s BUT THEY ARE! It will leave you in complete HORROR! These are beautiful babies crying for mama! NOONE CARES! I am devistated!!!

    2. Doesn’t she realize how ignorant she is, people are not stupid we see, we hear, even videos from the border, we probably know more of what is happening than you, Biden, and Harris. You see we keep up with our lives more than all of you.

    3. Piglosi and her side kicks , plus some Demonutz in office Need to go to the Border. If they went they might get a Clue as to what is going on.
      I say , Load up the Buses and take the Illegals to her and the other’s mansions. They have plenty of room to house them !!

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  4. If Pelosi’s last statements regarding the immigrants status isn’t proof of her senility, than maybe it’s proof of her LA LA LAND ATITUDE!! Even the most sincere democrat has to face the fact that this woman is destroying the democratic party all by her self!
    I agree with Mr. Short. Who in their right mind keeps voting this insane, selfish, lying woman as Speaker of the House?!? She’s repeatedly proven she has no sense of propriety when she can discuss all her privileges, while her constituents are suffering destitution!

  5. Michael Saunders, U.S. Army S.F. veteran of the Vietnam war and 23 years in law enforcement says:

    Pelosi is a fool and one of the biggest lying democrats in our government. She should and really needs to be put completely out of our government A.S.A.P.

  6. Hi Michael, I’m a fellow VN Vet. I agree 100%. She is doing everything in her Ill gotten position to destroy American values. The Faux President, China Joe is a walking, talking , senile goof ball. Donald J. trump is still my President and these lying Cheating thieves need to resign or impeached for violating our sacred Constitution. God Bless America.

    1. I totally agree Jim! Everything they do is definitely Impeachment Offenses. Why isn’t anyone (SCOTUS) FBI, Republicans etc doing anything? They sure were quick to vote on a couple of total no go anywhere Impeachment trials for President Trump, and now these despicable Dems are getting away with everything under the sun. This has to stop now…

    2. I totally agree.
      President Trump is MY President.
      The Fraud election should be over turned ! Why keep crooked people in Office ? They should be Kicked out !!
      China Joe and Ho Harris will never be anything to me , but Trash !!

  7. Ever think tha Pelosi and Harris are related in some way? They sure think and act alike and Harris doesn’t have the excuse of being old and senile!!

  8. No one ever accused Pelosi of being smart, but she is showing America just how stupid she is. Both Pelosi and Joe need serious medical treatment for their mental health issues.

  9. LOL 🤣😂🤣😂 that’s a good one Pelosi. It proves you’re insane, and it also proves your HATE for Trump and AMERICA. According to you President Trump did nothing right, and you think BIDEN walks on water, and as you said so easy to work with, more like so easy to CONTROL.

  10. I think the main crisis that we have is our government – mainly the Speaker, President and Vice President. Who’s working on that crisis?

  11. Pelosi is trying to frame the border crisis as though it was a Trump problem, but in the Trump Administration, illegal entry of people at our border was way down in numbers. Fact check & compare numbers for yourself.

  12. Why are we letting people with Covid go INSIDE our borders? Seems like a bad policy during a pandemic.

  13. Why do people who are coming in to our country WITHOUT LEGAL MEANS able to get things like:
    driver’s licenses, free medical aid, financial aid (like food stamps & housing), & free education programs? I thought those things were offered to American citizens.

  14. I know. We should have Pelosi & the other democrats pay for these things with their own salary. Then when they have no money to pay THEIR bills, they should have to go to jail, like GITMO. Oops, no job either….no pension, cause they are not doing their job to keep Americans safe.

  15. These are crimes against humanity! Just terrible! I hope that God finds mercy on their souls!
    This border crisis is very real! Much worse than ANYONE CAN IMAGINE! God please protect these people walking into a trap they could never imagine!!
    I want to vomit after watching these videos that are very well researched!! DEVISTATING!!! 11, 12,13 yr old pregnant girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What if it was your daughter????????? Seriously!! Our leaders are SICK!!

  16. Nancy Pelosi is definitely insane to say ‘we are on a good path with immigration’. Does she think we are all stupid to believe that statement? She needs to be fired from that job without any pay. She is a disgrace!! The treatment of unaccompanied children is severe cruelty. God help us to get rid of her …. she is not for the people of the United States of America only for her own greedy power!

  17. Even her staunchest supporters are fleeing San Francisco. See how stupid Democrats think we the people of America are. Saying something as ridiculous as that about the security of the southern border.

  18. Her comment is too sick for words. Who in their right mind can say that the border is under control., This mess at the border is fully in the hands of the Biden administration., They must take the blame for all the innocent children who are being abused. Do all of you Biden supporters really think he is doing a good job? Is your TDS so bad that you can’t see the truth.

  19. What a crock of crap Nancy!! Lies, lies and more lies!!! We have eyes…we have ears…and we know what is being done…..the Trump administration had it all in control….the Dems have no idea how to run a country!! Can we please have our
    legally elected President back now?? Before they totally destroy all that is good and right about America??

  20. This woman has as much intelligence as a laughing hyenna. She is a total joke. Without arms and hands, she wouldn’t be able to communicate. She sure doesn’t make sense with her mouth and what she spews out.
    President Trump had it right. We had no problems at the border because he had gotten Mexico to cooperate with his agenda on immigration. Then when the democrats stole the election, they screwed up a good sound system. They have completely dismantled, and disrupted what was working on the border. They don’t care the laws and how to go about to obtain citizenship in our America. They are unbalancing our ethnic environment, only for the purpose of having the democrat party grow in numbers with illegals.
    We demand voter ID!! You can’t vote in our democratic elections if you don’t belong here legally!!
    Impeach this babbling brook now!!

  21. Nancy have you been there to see what is going on, not that you would care! Did you look at the pictures & if you did were you drunk cause nothing at the boarder is going right it is a horrible mess & disgrace to Biden/Harris & you idiot Democrats!!! You all should be impeached for the worst leadership we have ever seen in this country!! Most countries as well as WE THE PEOPLE are laughing at you for your STUPIDITY!!

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