Box office numbers suggest Americans are rejecting woke films

In another disappointment for woke filmmakers, the Daily Wire has reported that Disney’s “Strange World” has bombed at the box office. 

The film took in just $4.2 million when it opened last Friday, with the Daily Wire citing a report from Bloomberg which said that “Strange World” was projected to bring in a paltry $21 over the holiday weekend.

Brent Lang is a contributor for Variety magazine, and he called those figures “terrible” in light of the movie’s $180 million budget.

The Daily Wire noted that “Strange World” features a gay teenage romance along with a heavy emphasis on climate change.

Film critic calls movie “a chore to sit through”

In a tweet put out earlier this month, conservative commentator compared “Strange World” with “Lightyear,” another animated Disney feature which featured a gay kiss. Released this past June, “Lightyear” also performed poorly at the box office.

Conservatives were not alone in panning “Strange World,” as Seattle Times film critic Soren Andersen called the production “a chore to sit through.”

Movie dismissed as “leftwing propaganda”

Meanwhile, some Twitter users pointed out how the film’s makers apparently tried to fulfill a diversity-inspired checklist.

“Strange World” is not the only gay-themed film to fail in recent months, as Fox News reported in October that the gay romantic comedy “Bros” took in only $4.8 million during its opening weekend, which was roughly 40% less than had been predicted.

New York Times contributor Brooks Barnes wrote that the film “may have fallen into a marketplace nether world — too straight for gay audiences, and too gay for straight ones.”