Brit Hume on Biden’s claim of ignorance on Hunter’s business deals: ‘Hard to believe’

Fox News’ Brit Hume just said that it is “hard to believe” that President Joe Biden knew nothing about his son Hunter Biden’s business dealings. 

Hume said as much during a recent appearance on the Fox News Channel’s Special Report.

There, Hume said:

[F]or the president now to say that, “Well, he never knew anything about” – he said this all along – “he never knew anything about his son’s business dealings or his brother’s business dealings in the same arenas,” it’s a little hard to believe.

You can say that again

Hunter Biden is currently facing two federal investigations, one to do with his taxes and the other to do with his business dealings with China. Just last week, the Washington Post, for example, released a report detailing a multimillion-dollar deal that Hunter Biden tried to make with a Chinese energy company.

Nonetheless, Hunter Biden maintains that he has done nothing wrong and that he will be cleared of all wrongdoing. We’ll see.

One of the most important questions is whether Hunter Biden used his father’s position in the U.S. government to sweeten the pot in some of his business dealings. Another big question is what exactly Biden knew about his son’s business dealings.

Biden and his White House have essentially claimed that Hunter Biden has done nothing wrong and that Joe Biden didn’t know anything about his son’s business dealings.

Hume responded to both of these claims during his Fox News Channel appearance.

“It’s pretty clear”

In Hume’s opinion, “it’s pretty clear” that Hunter Biden was, in at least some of his business dealings, essentially selling his father’s position in the U.S. government.

Hume said:

I mean, clearly, Hunter Biden was peddling whatever influence was available to him through his father. You know, they didn’t hire Hunter Biden because of his noted skills in any particular area. This is the son. Whatever else he may be is a pretty dissolute character who’s never really distinguished himself in any way and would be an unlikely person for a foreign government or foreign governments to hire to help them in Washington. He was hired, obviously, because his father was, at the time, vice president. 

It was from here that Hume went on to argue that Biden, contrary to what he has claimed, did know about his son’s business dealings. He argued:

After all, you know, Hunter Biden flew into China with the vice president on Air Force Two. What did they have the whole trip and the father never asked his son what he was doing over there? I mean, you know, it just doesn’t hold together.  

Indeed, it doesn’t.

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