Brits still angry over Obama’s Brexit remarks express opposition to planned visit to climate change summit

A massive climate change-focused summit known as COP26 is currently being held in Glasgow, Scotland, and it has featured appearances and speeches from political leaders and environmentalist activists who have flown in on commercial and private jets from all around the world.

Former President Barack Obama is expected to attend and address the COP26 summit at some point before it concludes next week, but according to the U.K. Express, quite a few Brits have said “don’t bother” in response to those announced plans.

The primary reason behind the apparent rejection of Obama by many Brits concerns lingering hard feelings over his dismissive and manipulative warning to the United Kingdom ahead of its 2016 “Brexit” vote to leave the European Union.

Obama goes to Scotland

The Hill reported in mid-October that a spokesperson for former President Obama had announced the plan for the ex-president to attend the international climate summit, where he would deliver a speech as well as meet personally with young climate activists demanding governmental action.

Obama would essentially join a dozen other representatives of President Joe Biden’s administration, including the current president himself, as the U.S. purportedly attempts to reassert its prior position under Obama as a global leader in addressing climate change.

In reality, that means America and its allies hamstringing their own economic output over vague concerns of potential environmental changes that may occur over the coming centuries.

Obama warned Brits

Some residents of the U.K., particularly those who are British, haven’t forgotten what Obama said when he traveled to their small sovereign portion of the globe just five years ago ahead of the Brexit vote.

A BBC report from April 2016 noted that when then-President Obama visited the U.K. and spoke of the impending Brexit vote, he warned that the Brits risked being shuffled to the “back of the queue” in terms of trade deals with the U.S. if it voted in favor of leaving the EU.

Needless to say, those subtly threatening remarks didn’t go over particularly well with the British people, including even some who were in favor of remaining in the EU, and it now appears that a grudge has been held in that regard ever since.

Obama not welcomed

The Express noted that numerous commenters on its website expressed their continued indignation at Obama’s prior intervention in the sovereign nation’s internal affairs and decision-making.

One commenter told Obama “don’t bother” coming while another argued that Obama had “destroyed any goodwill” he may have built up among the British people with his previous remarks. Another suggested Obama himself needed to be sent to the “back of the queue” while still another questioned the hypocrisy of him flying all the way to Scotland to lecture people about climate change.

Former President Obama was, at one point, an incredibly popular American figure among the British people, but his untoward intervention in the Brexit vote, and his haughty attitude with regard to that nation’s sovereign affairs has, as the one commenter noted, squandered any “goodwill” he may have once accumulated.

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