Brutal kidnaping in India highlights country’s struggle with violence against women

While liberals often claim that women are oppressed in the West, the left seldom addresses the truly shocking violence that women face in some non-Western societies.

According to reports in Indian media, a young woman who went missing at home was kidnapped then raped and murdered by her boyfriend.

Girl found raped, murdered

The girl, 19-year-old Sai Priya, had left home to meet with her boyfriend, 23-year-old Srisailam, after their families rejected their wishes to marry.

The girl had told her parents she was off to college, but she went instead to her boyfriend’s native town. She never came home.

Having lured the girl away from her family, the suspect introduced her as his cousin to the townspeople, then took the poor girl to a secluded area in the hills where he strangled her after an argument, police said.

The suspect buried her near a canal with help from a friend and relative, who was also arrested. They threw the girl’s phone in a well.

The suspect confessed to raping and killing the girl, but an autopsy is being performed to corroborate his statement.

Disturbing trend

The disturbing case highlights India’s problem with violence towards women.

Revenge killings, acid attacks, and rapes by disgruntled men are not uncommon in the country of over 1 billion.

A recent survey found that a third of Indian women have suffered physical or sexual violence.

Violence against women is also on the rise in European countries that have absorbed high rates of mass immigration from Africa and Asia in recent years.

Sweden held pivotal elections on Sunday night in which the anti-immigrant right-wing was expected to take power as part of a backlash against crime fueled by mass immigration.