California beheading suspect had a history of violence

Earlier this year, California Gov. Gavin Newsom put out an ad telling people in Florida that they should relocate to his state. However, California residents are moving away, partly due to growing levels of lawlessness.

A horrifying example of that phenomenon was on display last week when a woman was beheaded in broad daylight. 

Brutal murder took place on a public street

According to the Daily Wire, authorities say that 33-year-old Jose Raphael Solano Landaeta decapitated 27-year-old Karina Castro, with whom he shared a child.

The slaying took place just before noon last Thursday on a public street in San Carlos, a small town located in California’s San Mateo County.

“Anytime someone loses their life, it’s certainly a tragedy,” the Daily Wire quoted San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office Lt. Eamonn Allen as telling reporters.

“As far as the shocking nature of it, I do know that the deputies that first arrived on scene were a little beset by the scene,” Allen continued.

“We are providing them peer support. We are also providing support for the witnesses that were on scene as well because there were several civilian witnesses,” he added.

Marty Castro was the victim’s father, and he told a local news outlet, “Every time I saw her, I would beg her. Don’t talk to him. Leave him and it seemed like the more I did that, the more she would see him.”

“If there’s somebody out there abusing your daughter, don’t take off. Don’t let it go. Don’t take no for an answer. You feel responsible, no matter what anyone says,” Castro said.

Suspect has history of violence

Danielle Gannon was Castro’s grandmother, and she said Landaeta was “a diagnosed schizophrenic on meds” who blamed his mental health condition for how he treated her granddaughter.

“He would use that as an excuse for his behavior,” Gannon complained. “He drank excessively and you’re not supposed to do that on those kind of medications.”

Meanwhile, the NBC Bay Area reported that it was told by law enforcement sources that the suspect “has an extensive, violent criminal past and a history of mental illness.”