‘Pay attention’: Fox’s Carlson says ‘California-style governance’ will follow Harris to the White House

Fox News host Tucker Carlson has a stark warning for Americans: All the shoddy leadership we’ve seen in recent years in California will be following Democrat Vice President-elect Kamala Harris to the White House.

According to Breitbart, Carlson said on Wednesday’s episode of his self-titled Fox show that viewers ought to “pay attention” to how Harris uses her newfound political status to impose what he called “California-style governance” upon Americans.

Carlson’s remarks come just two weeks ahead of Congress’ meeting to count the Electoral College votes, which turned out 306–232 in favor of Joe Biden and his running mate, according to CBS News.

President Donald Trump, however, maintains that the 2020 election was “rigged” and that “voter fraud” cost him the race.

“A roadmap for the rest of us”

Speaking Wednesday, Carlson suggested that if Trump’s challenges to the election don’t pull through, Americans could be in for a rocky road ahead.

“California matters and not just because it’s our biggest state,” he told his viewers, according to Breitbart. “What happens there is at some point almost certain to happen where you live. Find a national trend that didn’t begin in California… So if you want to know the future, or if you want to prevent it, look west. California is a roadmap for the rest of us and very often [a] warning.”

Among the problems in the Golden State, according to Carlson, is its declining economy and population numbers. “Over the course of just the last several decades, California has gone from one of the richest places in the world to the poorest state in our country,” he said, as Breitbart reported.

The Tucker Carlson Tonight host added: “More than a third of California’s population now hovers around the poverty line. Even before COVID, over four million Californians were collecting food stamps. More than 150,000 people in California are homeless. They are everywhere. They’re living on the streets, in parks, under overpasses, in tents on the sidewalk.”

The Fox host also noted that both businesses and residents are leaving the state in record numbers, saying “the state’s main export is [now the] population.” And according to Carlson, the blame for all of this isn’t “God or nature,” but rather, “the selfishness and the stupidity of bad leaders and their bad policies.”

“Pay attention”

With Kamala Harris headed to the White House, Carlson said, that “selfishness” and “stupidity” will soon be plaguing the executive branch.

“If these leaders were judged by their performance, what they do, no big city politician in the State of California would have a job tonight,” Carlson said, according to Breitbart.

“The most recent estimates show that California lost more than 135,000 people in the last year,” the Fox host added. “Among those people, by the way, is Kamala Harris. She’s in Washington now, your capital, and she is bringing California-style governance to the rest of us. You should pay attention to that.”

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