Calls grow among Republicans for universities to shoulder student debt burden

As Joe Biden dips into the pockets of taxpayers to “forgive” student loan debt, calls are growing among Republicans in Congress to make universities shoulder the burden.

Senator Rick Scott, of Florida (R), has introduced a bill that would require wealthy universities like Harvard to pay for a large part of students’ tuition, the Tampa Bay Free Press reported.

Republicans target university endowments

The so-called COLLEGE Act would force elite colleges with multi-billion-dollar endowments to pay anywhere from 25 to 75 percent of students’ tuition.

As Scott put it, the proposal forces universities to have “skin in the game.”

Similarly, Republican Steve Scalise (LA) blasted Biden’s “wealth transfer” in a Fox News hit and suggested that college graduates should get “rebates” from universities.

“They should ask for a rebate from the college, not from the hardworking taxpayers of America,” he said.

The Republican push reflects outrage over Biden’s $10,000 student debt bailout, which many say unfairly transfers wealth from non-college graduates to Biden’s disproportionately university-educated base. (Democrats are now more popular among white college graduates than non-whites.)

Biden’s illegal vote-buying scheme

Biden’s plan to wipe student debt at taxpayer expense is “choosing to treat a symptom when we can cure the disease,” Scott says.

If anything, Biden’s “plan” indirectly throws more money at the higher education racket by failing to address the incentives colleges have to keep raising tuition rates. The prospect of loan forgiveness will just motivate students to take on more debt.

Then again, Biden isn’t looking to solve anything: he just wants to buy up votes before the midterm elections. He doesn’t care if he has the legal authority for this scheme, which he does not have, as his own ally Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) conceded in the not-so-distant past.

But it’s election season, and all of those trivial concerns with the Constitution have gone out the window.

If Republicans are fortunate enough to win power in the midterms, they should seriously consider moving forward with these proposals.

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