Calls intensify among Republicans for John Kerry to resign

Former Secretary of State John Kerry is on the hot seat over allegations that he leaked information about Israel’s covert actions against Iran, and more and more Republicans are calling for his resignation from the Biden administration if the allegations prove to be true, Breitbart reported.

In a recording leaked to The New York Times last week, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said that Kerry shared information with him about more than 200 actions taken by Israel against Iran in Syria.

Calls for resignation

Kerry strongly denied the allegations Monday on his Twitter page.

“I can tell you that this story and these allegations are unequivocally false,” he tweeted. “This never happened — either when I was Secretary of State or since.”

On the Senate floor on Monday, Sen. Dan Sullivan (R-AK) called on Kerry to resign if the allegations are true.

“It’s unclear why John Kerry would relay such information to the leaders of the largest sponsored terrorism in the world,” he said after his speech on the floor. “The secret information was given to one of America’s most sworn enemies … undermining the interests of one of our most important allies, the state of Israel. If this is true, John Kerry needs to go.”

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) echoed Sullivan’s statements, saying, “If it’s true, if he leaked classified information damaging to Israel, damaging to America, to our enemy, then absolutely he should quit, or if Joe Biden were a real leader, he should fire him.”

Will Kerry be investigated?

Along with calls for Kerry to resign, Republicans are demanding an investigation of Kerry to determine whether what Zarif said was true.

It is unclear whether Zarif realized his comments would cause trouble for Kerry as the recording was not supposed to be published until August after Iran’s president was set to leave office.

There doesn’t seem to be a reason for Zarif to lie about Kerry’s statements, but an investigation is necessary so the veracity of the information can be determined.

With Democrats in charge, however, Kerry may not be investigated and the truth will be buried.

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15 Responses

  1. Resign …HELL no..Arrested, tried , convicted of TREASON, and HANGED.
    He should not “GO” alone. Many more treasonous traitors need to suffer the same “fate” as he. Drain the “swamp”. Execute the “elite” perverts, murderers, treasonous traitors, and pedophiles infesting hollywood, and our “government”.
    Want some “proof”? Check out the video… The end of the world as we know it, the rise and fall of the cabal by Jane Ossebeard. it WILL open your eyes.
    It is in several parts, and quite long, but worth the time. However, DO NOT watch it with children present.

    1. I’m afraid fall of the cabal has been censored already can’t find it anywhere.! I wanted to watch the rest of it and share to others as well…

  2. Ok Mr kerry if you did not do what you are accused of them you should have no fear about proving you’re innocence by going on national TV and having a lie detector test to prove your innocence

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  4. This man has been a traitor for most of his adult life. Why anyone believes a damn word this corrupt liar says is crazy. He needs to be investigated, however, he’s a Democrats and the DOJ has zero interest in pursuing any one of their own. If only he was a Republican then all hell would break loose. God Bless America.

  5. I free investigation then justice brought,then investigate some of the others in Congress.

  6. He should be in Prison Now! Of course there is no justice when it comes to Democrats, only Republicans!

  7. John F****** Kerry should have been charged with treason after he served in Vietnam for what he did there and here at home. He has never told the truth.

  8. John Kerry should be indicted and endure a firing squad if found guilty. He is a traitor to our country.

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