Canadian father jailed for contempt of court amid fight over child’s gender transition

In Canada, a father is being persecuted by the media and in the courts for the crime of referring to his teenager, a biological female, as his daughter.

The man, whose case has been in the headlines since 2019, has been fighting to prevent his 15-year-old from undergoing a gender transition over the objections of the state and his ex-wife, the New York Post reports.

According to The Daily Wire, the man was arrested and jailed on Tuesday after being found in contempt of court for speaking out against what he calls a “delusion.”

Father arrested

In an article published that same day, the Post Millennial provided a heartbreaking account of how the Canadian father has been systematically crushed by the school system, the medical establishment, and the courts.

His now-teenager started identifying as a boy at age 11. The school affirmed these beliefs without notifying the child’s parents, and at 13, the teen was diagnosed with gender dysphoria by a psychologist, Dr. Wallace Wong, who recommended a transition, the Post Millennial reported.

Doctors assessed that the teenager understood the risks and said that the transition should proceed without delay, citing a suicide attempt, according to The Daily Wire. When the father objected, doctors notified him that his consent was not “required,” and he went to court.

In February 2019, Justice Gregory Bowden agreed that the consent of the child’s parents was not necessary, warning that any attempt to stop the transition — or even to refer to the teenager using female pronouns — was “family violence.”

Not backing down

In the two years since, judge after judge has continued to trample on the man’s rights as a father, prohibiting him from referring to the teen as a girl, from attempting to dissuade his child from transitioning (a decision he says was later reversed), and even from speaking publicly about the case.

In January 2020, the teen’s father won a partial victory when the highest court in British Columbia cleared him of “family violence” and removed a protective order from a judge who had threatened him with arrest if he dared to refer to his own child as a girl, but the court ruled that the transition would continue, according to The Federalist.

“What happens when the bubble explodes and the delusion ends?” the teen’s father pressed, according to the Post Millennial. “She can never go back to being a girl in the healthy body she should have had… These kids don’t understand. What kind of 13-year-old is thinking about having a family and kids?”

For protesting this derangement in defiance of the courts, the man is now facing criminal prosecution. On Tuesday, he surrendered to authorities after the attorney general of British Columbia issued a warrant for “contempt,” The Daily Wire reported.

He is said to be facing five years in prison.

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21 Responses

    1. It appears that the court and it’s judges are not mature enough to make that decision either. They will destroy the child and her father as well just to show they have power. Sounds a little like Washington DC.

    2. You are so right. If this is allowed to happen, all parents will have lost their rights to be parents. This is from the Devil.

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  2. This is his child not the states. God gives us our children to raise and care for till they are grown.. The man should keep fighting.

    1. Maybe argument can be made for his daughter to wait until she’s 18 and of legal age not the best solution but better then what’s happening now .Good lawyer please step up .

  3. Madness – sheer madness!!!!
    They try under 18 year olds as juveniles – even when they commit major crimes – because they claim the “juvenile” mind isn’t developed enough to comprehend.
    Then they allow this!
    Madness – sheet madness!!

  4. Agree with all posts! The man dearly loves his daughter and doesn’t want to see her destroy her life and her body! He should keep fighting to protect her. The state has no right to dictate what HIS child should do!

  5. Just goes to show, there are FVCKTARD POLITICIANS/JUDGES NORTH of the US border too. Just like dog sh1t, they’re ALL over !!!

  6. What a shame that the US has that type of judges in our courts. He should be removed from his position.

  7. As Dr. Benjamin Carson has stated, “We shouldn’t even be having this conversation. It’s child abuse!” He further elaborated on the established fact that the human brain is extremely complex, and that full development and maturity do not occur until the mid to late twenties. Heaven help this wonderful loving father and his precious child. The school , medical community and courts are pursuing a political agenda with arrogant, callous indifference to the monstrous permanent damage they inflict on vulnerable individuals and families. Their abuse and manipation of this child is reprehensible.

  8. Canada has been stripping parents of all rights to protect their children for DECADES. When I travelled to Canada in the 1990’s, I spoke to parents who were totally driven to distraction by Canadian laws and legal practices where they had NO RIGHTS AS PARENTS. This is liberal insanity gone wild. And the USA is going down the same path, unless we as citizens remove the Liberal WACKOS from any position of authority. We need to act now or suffer the consequences.

  9. America needs a FEDERAL iaw that children can NOT decide on transgendering until AFTER they turn 18, and that until then, their PARENTS are the ones who decide on this issue, and that parents who force or permit this damage to their children should be severely penalized.

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