Canadian military officials express concern over recruitment shortfall ‘crisis’

There has been quite a bit of talk in recent months about the several branches of the U.S. military facing difficulties in meeting recruitment goals, but they are not alone in that regard.

Reports indicate that the Canadian Armed Forces are facing a similar “crisis” in recruiting shortfalls that potentially threaten that nation’s military readiness in a near-future conflict, The Counter Signal reported.

And, also similar to in the U.S., top officials appear to be offering up a variety of excuses that shift the blame for the shortage of new recruits away from the most likely reason — the bevy of “woke” progressive policies imposed on the military that emphasize cultural goals like “diversity” and “equity” over other priorities like discipline and lethality.

Major shortage of recruits for Canadian military

Canada’s CTV News reported this week that some military officials have expressed serious concerns over the apparent inability of recruiters to meet their recruitment goals, continuing a trend that began in 2020 due in large part to the pandemic but is likely now prolonged by other reasons.

As things stand now, the CAF has a personnel shortage of around 10 percent, as there are roughly 10,000 vacancies in its 100,000-member strong force.

“We are without a doubt in an applicant crisis right now,” Brig.-Gen. Krista Brodie, who oversees military recruitment and training, told the outlet of the shortfall. “I don’t think we’ve got a good answer anywhere. I think there are so many factors and components and dimensions of the why.”

Canadian military’s “cultural reckoning” likely to blame

CTV suggested that some of the factors could include the general labor shortage that Canada’s private sector is also experiencing, but it could also be the military’s ongoing “cultural reckoning,” according to Brodie, in which officials have sought to address allegations of misconduct and a lack of diversity in the ranks.

Included in that “cultural reckoning,” per The Counter Signal, are quotas imposed on the military that include mandatory minimum numbers of minorities and women and a maximum cap on the number of white men who can serve, ostensibly to force the personnel of the military to better reflect the demographics of Canada as a whole.

It also includes a heavy emphasis on “diversity, equity, and inclusion” and other far-left progressive ideals, but Brodie told CTV that she was unsure what, if any, role all of that plays in the current recruiting shortfall.

“We can’t measure the impact of that right now. It’s too early,” the general said. “But to be very, very clear — we want suitable candidates, and suitable candidates are those that first and foremost reflect the values of the Canadian Armed Forces.”

Same problem in U.S. military

Of course, as noted, a similar if arguably larger and more impactful military recruiting shortage is also occurring in the U.S. right now, according to National Review, and as in Canada, American military officials are pointing at virtually everything except its imposition of “woke” ideology and progressive politics on the troops as the reasons for the shortfall.

Unfortunately, unless and until these two militaries return their focus to traditional priorities, such as being a highly disciplined and lethal force, and deemphasize social issues that don’t matter on the battlefield, the recruitment problem will likely only grow worse, and that could prove dangerous and deadly in the event of a major conflict.