Canadian rap star stabbed to death in Nova Scotia

Violent crime rates have risen sharply in recent years, with Fox News reporting that America’s murder rate in 2021 was the highest it has been in a quarter century.

Homicide in Canada is up as well, with a high-profile example playing out this past weekend. According to Breitbart, Canadian rapper Pat Stay was fatally stabbed on Sunday.  

Stabbing in Nova Scotia

Breitbart cited a report from CBC News which said that Stay was stabbed in downtown Halifax, Nova Scotia, on Lower Water Street.

Police are said to have arrived at the scene around 12:36 a.m. Atlantic Daylight Time, whereupon they discovered the 36-year-old artist. He subsequently died after being transported to a local hospital.

The website noted that Stay was originally from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, and rose to become “revered within the industry for his freestyling during live rap battles.”

Last week, Stay posted a picture of himself on his Instagram account along with a caption that read, “Imagine if we treated all of our friends and loved ones as if we knew their days were numbered.”

News of Stay’s death was met on social media with praise for the fallen. Among those to take note of his passing was fellow rapper Marshall Mathers, better known by stage name Eminem.

Rapper, songwriter, and television host Justina Valentine spoke about Stay’s death as well, tweeting, “RIP legendary battle rapper Pat Stay.”

Mass stabbing

Stay’s killing was not the only violent crime to make headlines in Canada this week, as a mass stabbing in Saskatchewan on Sunday claimed the lives of at least 11 people and left 19 others injured.

According to the National Post, police say that brothers Myles Sanderson and Damien Sanders went on a bloody rampage that spanned 13 separate locations.

While some of the victims appear to have been targeted, others were killed randomly. Damien Sanderson has since been found dead, while Myles Sanderson remains at large.