Candace Owens slams Michelle Obama over claims of oppression: ‘Where can I get some?’

Despite serving two terms as the nation’s first lady and living the life of a multimillionaire, Michelle Obama says she still views herself and her family to be part of an oppressed class of people victimized by systemic racism.

In response to Obama’s latest remarks on the topic of race, conservative pundit Candace Owens sounded off on the perceived hypocrisy.

“Still live in fear”

“Where can I get some?” she asked in reference to the oppression Obama claimed to experience.

The quip came during an appearance on Fox News Channel following Obama’s interview that aired earlier in the week.

Speaking with Gayle King for a segment on Monday’s CBS This Morning, Obama referenced instances of police brutality and the many Black Americans who “still live in fear” to go about their daily lives.

She also expressed worries about her own daughters driving alone and the possible trouble they might encounter if others make “assumptions” about them based on their appearance.

“The innocent act of getting a license puts fear in our hearts,” she claimed.

“We’ve got to get to the bottom of it”

For their parts, Carlson and Owens did not accept Obama’s narrative at face value, going on to issue sharply worded denunciations.

Carlson sarcastically asserted that the Obamas’ lingering oppression was “the biggest problem” facing the nation at the moment, wondering when someone would “liberate” them from the persecution under which they supposedly live.

Owens chimed in by demanding an “investigation,” adding: “I want to know which nanny, which chef, which housekeeper, which chauffeur, which Secret Service agent, which gardener, which landscaper is oppressing Michelle Obama, Barack Obama, their children, and I think we’ve got to get to the bottom of it at this point.”

Noting the staggering net worth of the former first family, she quipped: “Please, Michelle Obama, give some of that oppression to the rest of America because we sure could use it.”

Carlson described the “theme” he said he had noticed among elitists who portray themselves as a victim. His guest said she had noted the same trend, calling it a “distraction” from the fact that the same elitists view regular Americans as inferior.

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31 Responses

  1. The (Obumbas) are the main reasons that racism and oppression of black Americans.has been on the rise for last 10 years. They are a disgrace to black Americans.

    1. Very well said, Rodney. I’m so sick of seeing them on the news…they are both haz-beens. He was the second worst president this country has ever seen, next to now Biden, yet he’s always got his ugly face in everything.

  2. Rodney is accurate! I am tired of the African American claiming these issues from our past history. I have lived through the treatment of the Black in the 50’s, 60’s & 70’s. The African American needs to realize the Chinese, the Native Americans, and the Irish were also treated as slaves. What about all of the six million Jews that were slaughtered during WWII, and also slaughtered in almost every country they lived in. The African American’s need to face reality. “You make You’re Bed, and you sleep in it”!

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  4. Muchell is a shame that IT is complaining about racism because IT has had IT’s A$$ kissed sence IT has been in the Political arena. IT has been worshiped for
    over twrlve years minimum and has not earned a single amount of the praise wasted on IT. IT will get the just whatever when IT stands before GOD. AMEN.!!!!!

    1. Hillary Clinton …. Michelle Obama. You do not hold political offices in the government so stay out of politics. We dont want to hear anything about you.

  5. Mrs. Obama, it is sad that you view yourself and the rest of the black race as oppressed. It is a sad memory that ancestors in our past chose to own other people and hold them in slavery. In today’s standards, I would be considered a person of color as I am part Native American. How do you consider yourself oppressed when you rose to one of the highest positions in America. No one tried to exterminate your race as was tried with the Native Americans. Yet, I do not feel nor consider myself oppressed. I lived by the rule of the country and was accepted as another American. You should feel proud that the black people played a large part in building this nation. Sadly, part of it was done as slaves, but a major war was fought over States Rights and Slavery. Thank God we won and the black people were set free as they should have been from the beginning. The Irish was brought to this country as Indentured Servants and slaves, also. No one fought to free them. They had do do it on their own. Count your blessings and leave the pity-party behind. Hold your head up and be proud to be an American. We, all bleed red and we are all citizens of the greatest country in the world. God Bless America.

    1. She has body guards and so do her girls. She is well better off than I am. She is drawing attention to herself. Poor thing!

    2. Well said Black sold other blacks into slavery yes whites bought them as did arab and others. You were NEVER PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN by your own words . If so LEAVE AMERICA and find someplace you can be proud of as for me I AM PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN

      1. Amen Betty. Amen. They are still living on the American Dollar. Actually Obama wanted to have at least $200,000 per month. Said he couldn’t live on anything less. Trump told him to go pound sand up his you know what.
        Take what you can get Obummer and be glad that you were not driven out of the Country. You only gave retirees a little tiny bit of money for SS. You borrowed off of the SS Account and I don’t think you paid it back. So stop your ignorant whining. Your probably making more than you should because of Biden in office.

    3. You said things very well. You are so right about our nations history. You should teach the obamas our history so that they could learn it correctly.

  6. I wonder if thats called black privilege? I never got my white privilege or never got arrested for doing all those drugs her daughter do. Give me a break.

  7. The entire premise of Owens & Carlson’s conversation, as well as this thread is both hypocritical and Pathetic

    1. Well Martin, we read loud and clear that you are an uneducated person who apparently enjoys the life of victimhood !!!!!!
      In this GREAT COUNTRY, no one is held down, unless by their OWN doings !!!!! The hypocrisy of the DEMONRATS knows no boundaries !!!!! It’s past time for the elite leftist to be shown for the IDIOT’S that they are !!!!!! It’s weirdly funny how white elitist pander to POC and those same POC just want to be left alone to live their lives without someone thinking they can’t take care of themselves !!!!!!!!!!!!! POC have every opportunity as any other person and are intelligent enough to think for themselves, they don’t need some elitist doing their thinking !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. The headlines of “Candace Owens slams Michelle Obama over claims of oppression and ‘Where can I get some?”
    BRAVO, Candance for your insightful statement of “Where can I get some” that nailed MO’s claim. As President, her husband could have done more to improve racial relations in the USA and this would have been his noble legacy. However, he failed big time. Early in his presidency., he claimed the absence of fathers are the reason for young black children turn to crime and avoid arrest and get shot. However, he was criticized and wimped out with no action or followup. Very sad and his inaction resulted in bad consecuences that we see today.

  9. I hope someday the United states will have a true black president. (Boracs) race was black father and white black hearted mother. In those days he would be considered mulatto. He and his cohort valarie Jared Divided our great country. I hope that michy enjoys her BLACK PRIVILEGE.

  10. Message to all those that resist arrest. It will not end well. The police have devices called radios. As the old saw says “You may be able to outrun my Chevrolet but you can not outrun my two way”. Cops come out of the wood-work when one of their own is threatened as they should. I know of no case of a minority being injured or killed if they simply said Yes Sir, No Sir, or Yes Sir, I will.
    If the person has a legitimate beef, that is what the courts are for.
    Oh and by the way, stay off drugs and alcohol in public.
    You can also leave the “ATTITUDE” in the house.

  11. How is it that the well to do or kids of parents that are well to do think that they are oppressed? No one I don’t care who they are; or there race are oppressed. Sure maybe back in the 1950s and earlier they could claim this but not any more. All you’ve got to do is apply yourself and you be whatever you want. Including president of the free world. Which Obama a Black Muslim president was. What did he do for the Black Americans in 8 years in office? Nothing!

  12. We all can live at peace, anyone can or could make it in this country, leave this race card behind, our so called leaders are so unhappy they want to drag everyone down to their level, i don’t care what your color white, black,brown,red, we can live and let live,this will make liveing a lot more interesty.

  13. Mike Obama X-President Obama side horse wife makes me so depress listening to her her garbage about race,she is the biggest racist in the world.I can’t look at her she oppress me so bad I can’t stand her.Garbage belongs on the street to be taking to Mount Trash More to be disposal of.

  14. Sick Sick IT is a sad World when the high and mighty they think complains about the way the world is. Everything given to them , but thats not enough.
    sad sad.

  15. So now the Sotero elite are claiming that the consistent exposure of their constant prevarication to CYA their treasonous occupation of the WH is persecution…..Now is that not another lie on the heap of the already growing pile?????

  16. Could you please let your viewing audience know what the key words are that get our comments deleted. My comments weren’t half as rude as some you printed, so what gives? What is it that you don’t want us to say. Answers please.

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