Several Capitol rioters were registered Democrats, non-voters

Democrats and their allies in the mainstream media allies have laid the blame for last month’s deadly Capitol Hill riot on President Donald Trump, as well as essentially all conservative Republicans.

However, new information has come out regarding those who were arrested in the Jan. 6 riot, and it reveals that members of the Democratic Party also took part in the violence. 

Breitbart reporter Hannah Bleau cited a report on Monday from CNN that looked at details of the more than 180 people who were arrested and concluded that “a handful were registered as Democrats.”


There were also eight individuals taken into custody who didn’t vote for Trump in the election — in fact, they didn’t  cast a ballot for any candidate, according to the report.

Among them was “a 65-year-old Georgia man who, according to government documents, was found in his van with a fully-loaded pistol and ammunition.”

Another alleged non-voter was “a Louisiana man who publicly bragged about spending nearly two hours inside the Capitol after attending Trump’s ‘Stop the Steal’ rally.”

There was also “a 21-year-old woman from Missouri who prosecutors say shared a video on Snapchat that showed her parading around with a piece of a wooden sign from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office.”

Still, that information has not prevented high-profile Democrats from using the actions of a few hundred at the Capitol to smear the entire GOP and its supporters.

Sanders: “Authoritarian party”

Those attempting to condemn Republicans include former presidential candidate and long-time Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), who on Monday tweeted, “The Republican Party has a fundamental decision to make.”

“Will it be a conservative party functioning within a democratic society? he continued. “Or will it be an authoritarian party built upon the Big Lie, conspiracy theories and violence? It cannot be both.”

Nor has it prevented Sanders and his colleagues from pushing ahead with subjecting the former president to an impeachment trial despite the fact that he has already left office.

United States Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts has refused to preside over the trial, Fox News reported. Some 45 Republicans also voted in favor of a point of order raised by Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) that condemned the proceedings as unconstitutional.

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36 Responses

    1. EXACTLY. Some were wearing MAGA hats and some were carrying Trump flags and I do believe that some Politicians knew what was going to happen before Jan.6th but sadly, we won’t see any accountability nor justice.

  1. Those democrats that were arrested won’t be prosecuted. There are 2 standards here. The one for the democrats and the one for the rest. The democrats will get a slap on the wrist and the others will spend some time in jail.

    1. Seems like that is the way it has been since the U. S. was formed.

      It is MY belief that the “break ins” at the demonrats HQ when they tried to ruin President Nixon were staged and paid for by the demonrats. President Nixon chose to resign INSTEAD of sending a bunch of people to jail.

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  3. So true! But the demonrats aren’t going to admit complicity! Piglosi should be investigated for not securing the building! They were informed days before the so called” riot” that there was a problem! They knew about the riot. Eforehand because it was demonrat planned, paid for and executed!

    1. YES, it was. There is supposed to be a video of a bunch of the “rioters’ planting pipe bombs around the staging area the evening before their “riots”. I haven’t seen it YET.

    1. We need to sit Bernie down with his mittens on in front of a screen and show him some videos of all of the violence and burning and looting that went on in Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis, Kenosha, Chicago, New York City, and many others. Note to Burney: those were not Republicans……sorry!!!

    1. Roberts is a democrap with an ‘R’ after his name. That’s the equivalent of a sheep in wolves clothing!!

    2. I believe he is trying to do his job. After their last fiasco, the Chief Justice isn’t going to help legitimize this travesty of justice. Conviction in the ‘House” WITHOUT any attempt to verify facts or allow rebuttal? Give me a break — as gud ole’ Joe would say — “Cum on man”!!

  4. Propaganda is hard to refute when its been leveled out their for 5 years. We can only win with the Truth that come from God an pray for His help. We who love this country and has served this country and know many who were of may age died in Viet Nam My AFAC was supply and was never in a position that was near combat. My best Friend was a young Doctor in a Mash unit and he dealt with the wounded and he still has the scars. I have had two sons who served in the Iraq war and one in the Persian Gulf war. In the end with God’s help the truth will win out and we can not give up, I know that because I was a polio survivor.

    1. Thank your best friend and your 2 sons for their service. I enlisted in the U. S. Army in 1963 for the Viet Nam “war”. I felt it was my duty to serve.

  5. I think they should dig just a little bit deeper and before it’s over they are going to find out that they a shade tree in the Congress and senate also . So keep digging and you will see that you are going to be shocked and the people want be but you will find that your little I do no wrong people in house will be a big part of all that took place that day. Hope you get them all.

  6. Roberts is a democrap with an ‘R’ after his name. That’s the equivalent of a sheep in wolves clothing!!

  7. To bad we’ll never know how much of a hand Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the demoncrats had a hand in the so called riot by Republicans. AOC, I’m calling you out you lying POS for saying Ted Cruz almost had you killed. You were not there you lying B^TCH!!!!!

  8. I believe pelosi new of the riot that they were going to commit and blame the Republicans and President Trump. Thats why pelosi did not want extra security for that day. This was a BIG SETUP BY HER AND THE REST OF THE SWAMP. So she needs to be set up in front of a squad and take her punishment. Whatever.

    1. I AGREE…….they were warned and still called off extra security. WHY are
      the DEM’s in a hurry to impeach Trump??? AND pork barrel covid-19 bills?
      AND the tax payers will end up paying for the riot damages! WHY ? Because
      the ball got dropped ……FIND WHO IS AT FAULT…..the person who ordered
      “no help needed” Then they can PAY. Had Enough
      PS PRAY for GOD to HELP

  9. Mr. Trump did not do anything wrong that he should be impeached for in the capitol riot on Jan. 6th of last month. There were a bunch of democrats who when there to start trouble like the democrats do all of the time. The ones who should be impeached are Biden and Harris for what they are doing to this country and the people of this country.

  10. With the march planned,& advertised so far in advance, the conniving demonrats planned,& executed the violence,& destruction. The real shame is the peaceful demonstrators who felt the need to follow them.
    That’s the way of the demonrats,not the Republicans! Shame on those who fell for the trap!

  11. “Accountability” is NOT a word the Democrats are familiar with…… so to exercise “good judgement” we will have to explain what exactly it means to those who don’t know…probably don’t even want to KNOW what it means….!

  12. Anyone besides me “note” how the Chief Justice Roberts excuses himself from anything to do w/decisions between Republicans/democrats???…..maybe…just maybe he has a “sharp pendulum” swinging over his head that only Democrats know about?????….must be rough living “under the gun” so to speak… hey???

  13. And what will the no backbone gop do? Same as always, roll over and do nothing. That’s why were where are today.

  14. so, if it were stolen WE should just get over it. NO, prove to me it was not stolen. Can they do that, I still would not believe them. I have seen the produced fraud, listened to the people who signed at penalty of perjury the affidavits. Listened to the experts who invented the abilities.

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