Pelosi-backed Capitol security measure barely passes House amid muted opposition from progressives

The House passed a bill that would have secured $2 billion in funding to fortify Fort Pelosi, formerly known as the United States Capitol — but it didn’t come without some muted opposition from “The Squad.”

The vote was ironic in that all Republicans were in opposition, while almost all Democrats voted for more walls and policing around the Capitol complex. According to the Washington Examiner, Pelosi squeaked the measure through by just a single vote after three “Squad” Democrats tried to block her in a blindsiding move.

But perhaps more interesting was that some of the party’s most fervent advocates of “defunding the police” joined Pelosi, as journalist Glenn Greenwald points out. No less than Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) had the power to kill the bill — but chose not to.

Pelosi gets her $2T despite pushback

Critics fear that Pelosi’s bill, as Republican Darrell Issa (CA) noted, will “militarize” the People’s House permanently after it has been surrounded by menacing fencing for months since a riot there on Jan. 6. Among other things, the new bill would create a “Quick Reaction Force.”

At least for a moment, it appeared that some progressive ideologues — after a year of chanting “defund police” — just might band together with Republicans to block it. A handful of them — Ilhan Omar (D-MN), Ayanna Pressley (D-MA), and Cori Bush (D-MO) — did raise objections, the Examiner notes.

The three protested the bill for failing to address “the underlying threats of organized and violent white supremacy” and an implausible “disparity” in how police have treated Capitol protesters and Black Lives Matter activists.

“We cannot support this increased funding while many of our communities continue to face police brutality while marching in the streets, and while questions about the disparate response between insurrectionists and those protesting in defense of Black lives go unanswered,” they said, according to the Examiner.

In reality, some protesters from the Jan. 6 breach of the Capitol are in solitary confinement, and one was shot dead by a cop despite being unarmed. At any rate, the lawmakers deserve some credit for bucking the party.

Militarizing the Capitol?

In the end, the bill passed 213–212, the Examiner reported, as AOC joined Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) and Jamaal Bowman (D-NY) in voting “present,” which is decisive in a tight vote like this.

“Had any of these three Squad members voted ‘no’ instead of ‘present,’ then the bill would have been defeated,” Greenwald noted.

“Just months after they all explicitly demanded that the police be defunded for everyone else, they acted to knowingly enable a bill that would massively increase police funding for their own benefit,” the journalist added.

Indeed, this seems to be a matter of “policing for me but not for thee.” Thursday’s vote made one thing clear: despite their rhetoric over the last few years, Democrats are not opposed to walls and policing in principle, only for normal Americans who they despise.

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  5. Thank you Nancy for giving the Republican Party more reasons for not backing the Dems in 2022. The more things that you or try to protect your POWER over others you make it harder for the American Public to give up their rights as stated in the Constitution .

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  7. We are demoted. Everybody who has a Demorat for a Governor, has no choice in the matter. Its going to come to a Show Down here shortly where the entire Nation is going to march on Washington and they are going to take back our Country. Pelosi is trying to cut her losses. Well Nancy I do hope you keep doing what you are doing. As someone in some of the States are going to hire some people to shut the Govt Down. Capital Security Measures are not going to do it , Some Country is going to make you pay for what you have done as Democrats to them. The Armed Forces of the USA are going to turn on you and make you a very unhappy person. Money talks and BS Walks. You can’t strike out against America like you have. Oh you will rue the day that you decided you were running the Country because of Dementia Joe Biden.

  8. When are the Republicans going to grow you know what and put a stop to this piece of DONKEY DODO? She needs to be impeached, or charged with treason.
    Come on you guys on the right do your damn job.

  9. What is wrong in having a rule that 80yrs old are forced to retire in the House and Senate. Enough of these people coming up with stupid ways to spend money. Start working for the people or go home. I am sit and tired of the crap over the last 5 yrs by the Dems. Get a life. Now they are starting up with more BS about February 6th. This is the most disgusting group of people who ever served in country. As a citizen I am tired of their stupid comments and actions. Shut up and do your job.

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