Fox News’ Carlson blasts media for changing tune on riots after Capitol breach

Throughout much of last summer, mainstream media outlets across the United States downplayed, excused, ignored, or supported protests that often devolved into destructive and violent riots.

In the wake of civil unrest in the nation’s capital this week, however, Fox News Channel host Tucker Carlson called out the press for a perceived double standard in its treatment of those who participated in a violent siege of the U.S. Capitol building. 

“Where the politicians live”

According to Carlson’s take, many reporters lacked consistency in their approach to the respective protests.

For his part, however, he insisted that he had maintained the same level of disgust for all instances of riotous violence and destruction — regardless of the partisan affiliation of the perpetrators.

Many of the same reporters and pundits who are now decrying Wednesday’s riot as “domestic terror” spent months last year portraying protests related to the Black Lives Matter movement as largely peaceful.

While Carlson accused the media of supporting those who support an anti-police narrative, he said the same cannot be said about unlawful protests “at Capitol Hill because that’s where the politicians live.”

He went on to introduce a montage of video clips revealing various talking heads romanticizing the fiery unrest that played out in communities nationwide throughout much of 2020, thus seeking to justify the actions as an outcry from segments of society that have been systemically ignored or suppressed.

“It’s totally fine”

“What’s really amazing is that the rest of us sat by … and let people say crap like that on television justifying violence, the murder of a lot of people, as if it was totally normal,” Carlson explained. “Yeah, it’s totally fine.”

The same cannot be said, he argued, in response to the most recent display of unrest.

“But today, all of a sudden, this is not the language of the unheard,” Carlson said. “These are people who are unheard for a good reason; they should just shut up and go to prison or be shot to death. What to make of all this?”

Fox News separately provided a range of examples that show media figures downplaying or encouraging the unrest by leftist activists last year only to vehemently oppose actions taken by aggrieved Trump supporters ahead of Wednesday’s congressional ratification of the Electoral College vote tally.

While the double standard might not be surprising to those critical of the mainstream media, it seems clear that such a pronounced partisan dichotomy will only make it more difficult for a fractured nation to unite and advance peace for all Americans.

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