Carlson blasts media’s dishonesty as polls show support for protests waning

New polling data suggests that the number of Americans who support ongoing protests against alleged police brutality has dropped dramatically since this summer. And on Thursday’s episode of his self-named Fox News show, Tucker Carlson announced what he sees as the reason why.

In a report published Thursday, Fox unveiled the results of a new Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research survey that found 44% of respondents opposed the protests, compared to 39% who approved.

Those numbers represent a dramatic reversal from a similar poll conducted in June, when just over half of Americans supported the unrest, according to Fox.

The poll also showed a sharp partisan divide on the issue: 70% of Democrats approved of the demonstrations, while 75% of Republicans opposed them.

“Things are on fire”

Speaking Thursday, Carlson gave voice to some of the reasons why he believes attitudes toward the protests have shifted. “It’s hard to think clearly when things are on fire,” Carlson observed on Tucker Carlson Tonight. “That may be why, looking back on it, we’ve seen so much arson recently.”

Carlson said if “you wanted to keep the public from thinking clearly about what you plan to do to their country, you might riot, and no one would notice that you were lying.”

“And they definitely have been lying,” he said, pointing to the media’s coverage of incidents like the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis in May and Jacob Blake’s more recent death in Kenosha, Wisconsin. “Every story we’ve been told for the past three months has been, at its core, a lie — all of them, from the first day.”

“In Kenosha, Democrats told us that bloodthirsty cops just walked up and shot Jacob Blake as he was trying to break up a fight between two women. It was horrifying,” Carlson said, “but that’s not what happened.”

“It’s too dishonest”

Sadly, according to Carlson, “the mob doesn’t care about justice, no matter what they scream. They want blood,” he said.

As for the media’s lies? Carlson didn’t mince words. “Here’s a thought: you shouldn’t be crap like that on TV,” he said. “It’s too dishonest, it’s too divisive, it hurts the country too much.

“It legitimately hurts the country,” Carlson added. “But that’s the position of the Democratic Party.”

If recent polling is any indication, however, the American people may no longer be buying what the Dems are selling.

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