Tucker Carlson slams mainstream conservative groups for siding with Big Tech on censorship

Fox News host Tucker Carlson has long railed against Silicon Valley-based Big Tech companies like Google and Facebook for their monopolistic control of online communication and their increasingly overt censorship of conservative voices.

But Carlson even ruffled some feathers on the right on Friday when he made the decision to turn his attention to a number of high-profile mainstream conservative groups that he said have been too little cozy with these Big Tech firms, Breitbart reported.

Big Tech and the conservative establishment

Carlson began his monologue Friday by calling out Big Tech firms like Alphabet, the parent company of Google, for silencing conservatives.

“In 2016…Google employees worked behind the scenes to boost Hillary Clinton’s voter turnout. They seemed despondent when they couldn’t stop Donald Trump from winning,” Carlson reported. “Google, as you well know, regularly suppresses conservative videos on YouTube. At one point, the company even contemplated rigging its search results to undermine Trump’s immigration policy.”

Carlson also railed against Twitter for banning users “for the crime of disagreeing with the left.” But the biggest problem isn’t the tech companies: it’s who they have as allies.

“It is very clear that Big Tech hates conservatives and works assiduously to harm them,” Carlson said. “A big part of the problem is that conservative nonprofits here in Washington, the ones that are supposed to be looking out for you, aren’t actually looking out for you. They’re looking out for Big Tech.”

“It’s happening now”

The Fox host took particular aim at the libertarian-ish Koch Foundation and the many groups it funds — chief among them, Americans for Prosperity — for opposing antitrust measures against Google and other Big Tech companies.

“In all, the Koch network quietly spent at least $10 million defending Silicon Valley companies that work to silence conservatives,” Carlson said Friday. “Why are they doing this?”

Carlson explained:

Google has given money to at least 22 right-leaning institutions that are also funded by the Koch network. Those institutions include the American Conservative Union, the American Enterprise Institute, the National Review Institute, the Competitive Enterprise Institute, the Heritage Foundation, and the Mercatus Center.

Carlson particularly had some choice words for the Heritage Foundation, arguably one of the most influential conservative think tanks in Washington, which Carlson said has defended Big Tech by staunchly advocating for an immunity the firms enjoy that protects them from being held liable for content posted to their platforms, even as those firms have become increasingly hands-on in managing such content.

“Conservative organizations in D.C. have colluded with Big Tech to shield left-wing monopolies from any oversight at all,” Carlson reported, citing a recent report from the Campaign for Accountability. “It’s happening now.”

It’s rare to see Carlson put the spotlight of scrutiny on a right-leaning group, but his decision to highlight the ties between Big Tech and the conservative establishment was an unpleasant necessity. “You wonder how much longer this system can continue,” Carlson concluded.

Take a look at his full monologue:

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