Carlson exposes companies paying for abortions: ‘Corporate America wants you childless’

In the immediate aftermath of the Supreme Court knocking down Roe v. Wade and returning the right to regulate abortions to the individual states, a number of states swiftly enacted strict laws that significantly limit the legality of such procedures.

In response, dozens of major corporations have announced that they will finance the abortion and travel expenses of employees in restrictive states, which according to Fox News host Tucker Carlson is indicative of the fact that “corporate America wants you childless,” Breitbart reported.

Reaction to the decision

That assertion from Carlson came amid his opening monologue on Monday’s program that began with a review of the angry, loud, and occasionally violent protests that erupted across the nation following the Supreme Court’s pro-life ruling Friday.

He noted the stark change in extremist rhetoric and positions staked out by the left on abortion and how “safe, legal, and rare” has been transformed into proclaiming that unhindered abortions at any time and the absence of children are a “positive good” for society.

Carlson eventually wondered where this noticeable shift had originated from and determined that “as it turns out, that attitude comes from the same place the Democratic Party now gets all of its attitudes, directly from corporate America.”

Children too expensive?

“Corporate America wants you childless and this is a big change,” Carlson asserted and went on to recount how corporations used to be highly supportive of families in order to ensure their workers were happy and their needs were taken care of.

However, that led to workers demanding higher wages and the arrangement grew expensive, which prompted corporations to increasingly hire young single women who were “reliable” and “loyal” workers with one major downside — “they can get pregnant,” which according to Carlson is the worst thing ever for a corporate Human Resources department.

“Children make your healthcare plan more expensive. Worse than that, they tend to compete with an employee’s attention,” he said. “That’s a huge problem for big companies, so they have every incentive to prevent their workers from having children.”

Increasing profits

This leads us to the current moment, where “woke” corporations have adopted leftist feminist rhetoric to “Fight the patriarchy. Have an abortion” — downplaying or ignoring the fact that doing so helps reduce labor costs and bolsters the corporate bottom line.

“Many of the biggest American companies are now paying female employees to have abortions, to end their pregnancies,” Carlson revealed. “That would include Microsoft and Apple, Facebook, Yelp, Netflix, Comcast, Goldman Sachs, Citibank, JP Morgan, Nike, Starbucks, etc., etc.”

Sadly, Carlson noted in conclusion, many Americans have accepted this change unquestioningly, and, quite ironically, some of the same leftists who previously railed against major corporations and the exploitive practices to increase profits and reduce labor costs are now willingly, if not even gleefully, contributing to exactly that sort of thing.

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