Tucker Carlson: St. Louis couple who defended home from mob threatened with second attack

Last weekend, as an aggressive mob marched through St. Louis, Missouri and threatened homeowners in a private gated community, a husband and wife attracted the media’s ire for demonstrating their intention to defend their property and their lives with firearms, if necessary.

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson highlighted that incident on his program, he and provided a disturbing update on Thursday when he revealed that the same pair’s home was targeted for another attack. Despite pleas for assistance, nobody was willing to come to their aid, Carlson said, as Breitbart reported.

Left to fend for themselves

Carlson first reviewed what initially happened to Mark and Patricia McCloskey and played a few clips from his prior interview with Mr. McCloskey before sharing that he had new information in the story.

“After appearing on this show, McCloskey and his wife were bombarded with death threats, some of them credible,” Carlson said, according to RealClearPolitics. “Today, they learned of another coordinated attack on them, planned for this weekend.”

He noted that the McCloskeys called the police for assistance but were essentially given the runaround and no real response. Out of desperation, the homeowners also called a number of private security firms, but received the same treatment, much to their dismay.

“The owner of the last company they spoke to advised them to flee immediately,” Carlson said. “Quote: ‘The only advice I can give you is, abandon the house.’ Run. Let the mob have its way. Let it burn.”

Governor stays silent

The Fox host pointed out that the McCloskeys had no intention of running away and ceding their beloved property to the angry mob, however.

“They’ve spent 32 years rebuilding their home. They plan to defend it themselves. They have no choice. They’re completely alone. No one will come to their aid,” Carlson explained, according to Breitbart.

The Fox News host added, “Their governor, Mike Parson, is a Republican. He’s also a former sheriff. Parson could send state troopers to St. Louis tonight to protect the McCloskeys. But he hasn’t. Parson hasn’t even picked up the phone to speak to them. He doesn’t care. No one does.” Carlson continued:

About an hour ago, Mark McCloskey called us, to tell us all this. He was panicked. His wife sobbed in the background as we spoke. American citizens, trapped in their home by a violent mob. Knowing that something awful could soon happen to them. Totally undefended.

Disgraceful inaction

According to the New York Post, a group of roughly 300 demonstrators indeed returned to the McCloskeys’ neighborhood on Friday, and the couple — together with their lawyer — watched the protesters from their home’s balcony, and luckily, things did not escalate as they had the prior week.

While official inaction in terms of assisting the McCloskeys is shocking to many, it probably shouldn’t be, as it has become all too predictable that a majority of those who hold authority in this country have inexplicably bowed to the angry mobs and are willing to let them have their way.

The McCloskeys exhibited great bravery in standing strong in the face of demonstrators during the initial confrontation. Sadly, other than a handful of folks like Carlson, they are now standing completely alone in the face of renewed and increased threats. We can only pray that somebody, somewhere, will begin stepping up to provide them — and others who find themselves in their position — the help they need.

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