Carlson: Democrats are leading ‘the most sweeping and audacious assault on civil liberties in American history’

The Democrats currently in power are leading “the most sweeping and audacious assault on civil liberties in American history,” the Fox News Channel’s Tucker Carlson revealed on his Friday night show “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

“Nothing like that has ever taken place in this country before,” Carlson said. “This is the most sweeping and audacious assault on civil liberties in American history.”

The post-election purge

Carlson started off Friday night’s program by highlighting the tactics that the Democrats have been employing ever since winning the 2020 election, tactics, according to Carlson, that are meant to “purge” their political opposition.

One of those tactics is censorship. Carlson, here, noted how Democrats have been working to crush “even the mildest dissent” by social media bans, including the shutting down of Parler.

The other main tactic, according to Carlson, has been smearing conservatives, particularly Republicans in Congress, as “racists” or “dangerous terrorists” whom the Democrats then threaten to expel from Congress.

The one tactic is a violation of the First Amendment and the second is a violation of Americans’ voting rights, which is why Carlson referred to what is happening as “the most sweeping and audacious assault on civil liberties in American history.”

What is going on?

According to Carlson, this is all happening because the Democrats are attempting a “power grab” that is being complicated by the rise of populism. “No, the Democratic Party exists to accumulate power, all of it,” Carlson said. “Some is never enough. The impulse is to control everything. So that’s what they’re trying to do now amidst the chaos and tumult.”

The problem, though, according to Carlson, is that people are starting to figure out that their political leaders are not on their side. This, says Carlson, has led to an instability that the Democrats in charge are only making worse.

“In the face of all of that, the people in charge are doing the single stupidest, most counterproductive thing that any leader could do in the face of a populist movement,” Carlson said. “They’re refusing to admit their role in the decline. They’re refusing to admit their failures, and instead, they are blaming the people they have failed. They’re literally declaring war on their own population.”

The future

Carlson said that there is still a way to fix the situation:

In a democracy, the first step to unifying the country is always the same. Leaders enter into a power-sharing agreement with the people they lead. They do the obvious thing, they stop lying to their own citizens, they stop attacking them, and they respect their culture. They don’t try to control people’s beliefs. That’s not their role. They treat their own citizens like adults, meaning they treat them fairly. And above all, they cut the public in on some of the fruits of the country’s success.

But, according to Carlson, we are currently heading in the opposite direction, and, if the Democrats in charge continue down this path, we can expect the radicalization of many American citizens, which, of course, would be bad news for our country. Watch Carlson below:

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14 Responses

  1. The American Majority is waking up and if the Democrats do not bring this power grab to a screeching halt and return some degree of stability to this nation, which includes an end to Censorship, condemnation of Antifa, BLM and BAMN and all other Anrchist and such the Silent Majority could very well do it for them and it will not be pretty.

    1. Very true Charles – The democrats are frightened of the republicans and the trumps and his backers. Taking away communications with Facebook, Twitter and others may work temporarily but not for long. When their blockings are gone and they realize they cannot stop our communication they will have something to worry about. We will return and communicate and change on the democrats and their ways because they are beginning to realize that they we were cheated and lied to us and we know. The days are changing for the better and they should open their eyes and realize that the change is on way.

    2. I agree 100%, the creeps woke upm the Sleeping Giant, the fuse is lit and it will get ugly, They created something that they will retreat and it will get ugly!

    3. I agree. The only real good thing about it is buyer remorse. We told these commie lovers how it would be and they did not want to stand with us. Now they are seeing we did not lie. 2022 will be harsh for the communist.

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  3. AOC is including ANTIFA and BLM in her statement “no punishment”

    A third world government terrorist take over.
    1. Rule by executive order
    2. Putting a predecessor on trial.
    3. Censorship of opposition.
    4. Attacking the private sector.
    5. Exploiting identity politics.
    6. Challenging judicial independence.
    7. Purging former officials
    8. Encouraging a slavish media.
    9. Military in the streets.

    I am terrified.

  4. Until the Republicans get their lazy backsides up off the chairs nothing is going to change. Every Republican should be filing impeachment papers against joe Biden and his administration. Everyday file the papers. Sue joe Biden for treason and crimes against the American citizens. He has already destroyed too much. It’s time to end his reign of terror.

  5. Yes get the impeachment started. Show what’s in the laptop . Why is nobody really pushing this. I see clips about it every now and then. And if Biden believes in and trusts his son so much why not just disclose everything on it? why are we not opening it?! it’s a big key to his impeachment!

  6. Very few who go to DC ever do as TRUMP did, Go there to improve the country.

    The majority only see it as their opportunity to become well known and enrich themselves.

    This has been the practice for no less then six decades and it has reached the point that those who will never go to DC may be forced to give their all in exchange for all that the GOERS Demand that they are entitled.

  7. Tucker is right these actions by democrat leaders need to stop/ I believe they need to be put in reeducation camps until they are no longer a treat to America

  8. I left a reply other day. Anyway, what I said was the news blasted President Trump before he got in office until he left office. If that is not insurrection, I do not know what is. And yet the media calls Trump and his followers terrorists. Propaganda. The Legislatures need to stop these dangerous decisions Biden has made. What are they waiting on? Guess it has to move like Congress, slow. If I worked as slow as they do, I and others would be written up or fired. Talk and no action. Wait for the enemy to strike and then go, oh! Guess it’s time to load the weapon. Daah!

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