Carlson dismisses ‘ridiculous’ Senate impeachment trial: ‘Honestly, who cares?’

Numerous critics of the second impeachment effort against former President Donald Trump have argued that it is unconstitutional for the Senate to go forward with a trial against a private citizen.

For Fox News Channel host Tucker Carlson, though, the biggest complaint was that the entire ordeal is a “ridiculous” waste of time.

“We didn’t watch any of it”

His remarks on the first day of the impeachment trial came during his monologue on Tuesday night, during which he confirmed that neither he nor his staff watched any of the events.

“You’ve probably been glued to the tube all day,” he told viewers. “Donald Trump’s second impeachment proceedings started. We didn’t watch any of it.”

Carlson said he had heard about the lackluster performance by Trump attorney Bruce Castor, but acknowledged only that the news might be “mildly interesting” on a “slow day.”

He went on to dismiss the entire ordeal as irrelevant, adding: “At this point, honestly, who cares? Impeachment? The whole thing is ridiculous. They are literally impeaching a president who isn’t even the president anymore. They’re yelling at someone who’s already left the room.”

As for the question of whether impeaching and trying a president after he has left office is constitutional, the matter was settled on Tuesday prior to the commencement of the trial. Six Republicans joined all 50 Democrats in the chamber to vote that it was a constitutional process.

Democrats present selectively edited video

After that issue was settled, opening arguments began. For Democrats, that included a 13-minute campaign-style video of the Jan. 6 Capitol building breach that juxtaposed Trump’s words earlier in the day with footage of the rioters.

The video was clearly intended to evoke emotion rather than present facts, but it appears to have advanced the narrative that the then-president encouraged his supporters to storm Capitol Hill.

Of course, the video did not include Trump’s words about “peacefully and patriotically” walking to the Capitol, nor did it provide information later discovered about how the riot was planned as much as weeks in advance of the rally last month.

Castor was widely criticized for flubbing his first day of arguments, which will likely influence public perception regarding Trump’s role in the events of Jan. 6 — and really, the entire impeachment process seems to hinge on public perception.

In reality, Democrats know that they will need 17 Senate Republicans to vote with them in order to convict Trump, which at this point appears all but impossible.

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25 Responses

  1. Anything that comes out of DEMS/RINOS mouths, we have come to realize, that they have made things happen to their advantage…..DEMS have made it clear that they plan to shaft legal citizens, and kiss the rumps of illegal aliens, in their attempt to destroy our U.S. and our legal system……They avoid following the Constitution & those DEMS/RINOS/LIBS believe they can, and DO, avoid being proscuted for their crimes of treason, murder, and confiscating any $$$ that they can………..They have been caught with the rape of children, and still those unworthy politicians believe they should be able to do anything they want with OUR TAX $$$$$…

    1. There is one bright side. Since the senate has just declared it’s ok to impeach after the person leaves office, then once the republicans get control again, they can go after all the illegal and unethical things the dems have done. We can get Clinton’s, Obama’s, Biden’s, Pelosi, Waters, Schummer, Schiff, etc. Won’t that be fun? Old saying, be careful of what you wish for. Dems have done other stupid things to the rules just to have it come back and bite them in their arses.

    2. Totally agree..a total show of clowns in a 3 ring Circus wanting all the attention. Attention on them for show and cover up their own Unlawful actions!! This was Staged and they were behind it all! Kangaroo Court making up rules as they go! I wouldn’t waste a moment of my time watching them playing games again to keep from honoring their
      Government positions they dont deserve! Lord Help Us, we have a screwed up self-seeking government!

  2. This charade makes all of the Democrats look exactly like their Party’s mascot. Very fitting, don’t you think? Just another way our hard-earned tax money being wasted. Too bad we can’t impeach all of these nut jobs!

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  4. IT is unconstitutional to impeach a non sitting president. All the democrat/ communists are trying to do is to keep Trump from running again and beating them if the next election is an honest one. However, I don’t look to the next election to be honest. The communists have already gotten away with the most obvious and outrageous fraud in the history of this country by installing the Biden crime family into the White House. All of the democrat/communists need to be removed from all government offices and all of the communist judges as well.

      1. Now I need to say a prayer of thanksgiving for a positive answer to my prayer. All of you who also have prayed be sure to do the same.

  5. When Trump’s lawyers finally have a chance to present their their they can and must show the rest of the video of January 6th that the Democrats had conveniently left out along with other impeachable evidence against the Democrats case.

    1. First of all, the GOP and Trump ( who I support) had 4 years to clean the swamp and failed; it’s only gotten bigger and deeper. As far as GOP taking control in the future elections, I doubt it cuz the dems will find another way to cheat and this coup has caused many GOP voters to say ‘the hell with it’. The GOP didn’t help Trump one iota so why should people support this spinless creeps?

  6. Point of fact: Just because 50 Democrats and 6 Republicans SAY this impeachment farce is constitutional DOES NOT CHANGE THE WORDING OF THE CONSTITUTION ITSELF! Please, read it yourself and then memorize, if need be! And that goes for those 56 elected officials who disagree!

  7. Now is a good time to set the Capitol on fire, maybe we can get rid of all them rascals on tonight’s fake evening news!

  8. Why don’t they show where Biden said he would like to take Trump behind something and beat the hell out of him and all the awful things the Dems have said about the best president ever. They should wish they could do 1/3 of what he had with all their lies and hateful ways. They should have to pay out of their money not our tax payers money. All they do is lie and more lies! They are evil!

  9. When TRUMP was elected four years ago I thought it sent a message to Democrats that the American people were not satisfied with the job they have done and wanted to put AMERICA FIRST. With TRUMP in office many great things were accomplished to improve conditions here for ALL of us. AMERICA was first again in many ways. Clearly, the Democrats didn’t get that message and Biden has kicked us to the curb with his barrage of executive orders undoing many of the great things TRUMP accomplished in their attempt to erase him and go back to the way it was before. Hopefully voters will respond again beginning with the mid terms and vote OUT the Democrats one by one removing them from office. Their radical agenda will destroy AMERICAN VALUES AND SECURITY. They need to be STOPPED.

  10. Question , How can U.S.S.Ct. , Congress exercise the Rules of the Federal
    Constitution since it has been SUSPENDED since 1933 onward?
    A FRAUD ? I think so. Where and when has it been reinstated back into being? Congress has no power to impeach as it lawfully doesn’t have any
    power to even exist as its’ power is derived from the Constitution.
    The same is also true for other branches of Government as well.
    No reply needed or necessary as I am only expressing my own knowledge,
    feelings, thoughts, ideals, etc. here. Not trying to take sides or debate anyone.
    Thank you for taking time to read my feelings, thoughts, etc….

  11. Just a way out thought: why doesn’t Trump remove his low key, lackluster lawyers & as a private citizen evoke his right to act pro se? Who could defend him better than he is able to himself? Trump’s personality is on trial, his positive accomplishments for this country speak loudly for themselves & cannot be negated without firm evidence to the contrary. I have asked numerous people to recount just one lie told by Trump with facts to legitimize it. SILENCE is all I get.

  12. Sounds like Trump’s defense team might be working against him. I hope they aren’t deep state. TRUMP has had so many he thought were on his side just to find out they weren’t just like the yellow cowards on the SCOTUS and chubby Bill Barre and not forgetting FBI Wray.

  13. The truth is that the dems were behind the unrest on Jan 6. They planned one last stab in Trump’s back and they succeeded just like they planned the fraud election. All 5 or 6 deaths are the result of the dems actions and the sad part is these lowlife dems don’t give a sh*t who died cuz they achieved the outcome they hoped for…another impeachment trial and stirring up more hate for Trump.Family members should demand the truth and the evil dems must pay the price.

  14. The Dems are so anti America it not funny. They will be the cause of another civil.war. They are letting to hate groups to destroy America and it wrong. This impeachment is very unconstitutional and the Republican know. And so do most Americas. My idea is to make the Democrats read the U. S. Constitution then take a test and see if they remember anything

  15. I watched President Donald J Trump’s speech and there was nothing in it that could have incited a riot. Certainly not storming the capital building. Furthermore he spoke of peacefully and patriotically marching to the capital building. At that time it is doubtful he even knew there was something resembling a riot at that building.

    These communists who are hiding in plain sight as democrats have done everything in their power to remove Trump from office ever since he was elected. Even before he was sworn in as president. Once he was sworn in millions of tax payer money was spent on a phony investigation by a special counsel named Mueller. But these so called democrats did not stop there they even impeached him over a perfectly legal and respectful telephone call to the president of Ukraine.

  16. The demonrats are so afraid that they will be found out for all the illegal acts they have done, they feel they must stop President Trump any way they can, legaly or illegally! Hopefully this farce impeachment blows up in piglosi’s face, and opens legal avenues to remove her from office for abuse of power! She IS responsible for taking the articles of impeachment to the senste( with NO legal basis, no witnesses, NO investigation) this is all in HER! She needs to answer for it!

  17. I found I just could not watch those men (Dems) lying in their battle to get rid of their supposed enemies the Republicans. But today I did watch and finally heard truth. Enjoyed that. Seems dems do not read the constitution nor follow it. They swear that they will, but don’t. Are they so in love with Hillary Clinton that they have lost their minds. Or does Satan have their eyes blinded? I feel sorry for them. They have lost it. Maybe drugs have dulled their minds. It has to be something controlling them as they are united in doing evil after elected to their offices. They do not do the things they have said they would do to ___help their people.

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