Tucker Carlson calls out election fraud in Georgia, Republican ambivalence to loss of election integrity

In the view of tens of millions of Americans, the nation’s electoral process has lost its integrity and appears to have been rigged in favor of one side.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson addressed this disconcerting development while awaiting the results of the two Georgia runoff races that would determine the balance of power in the U.S. Senate, and lambasted Republicans for doing little to oppose the invitations for fraud that were put in place by Democrats.

Mail-in voting encouraged fraud

Carlson argued that major issues began with the concerted push from the left in 2020 for voting by mail-in absentee ballots rather than in-person voting.

“In-person voting reduces fraud, and reducing fraud and the appearance of fraud used to be important to us,” Carlson said. “We wanted people to believe the results when they came in. We wanted to protect the system that made all of our good things possible. We wanted democracy to continue. But then everything changed.”

The Fox host said that although COVID was used as the reason that mail-in voting was necessary, it’s clear that wasn’t the case.

“The main driver of that change, they will tell you, was the coronavirus pandemic. It simply became too dangerous to show up in person to vote,” he said. “But think about that for a second. If you can go to the grocery store — and most people can and do — then you can go to a polling place. There’s no medical reason that you can’t vote in person.”

“Almost no one in the media has ever made that point. They know that mail-in elections help Democrats, and that’s the whole point,” the Fox host added. “When Republicans complain about it, the left doesn’t answer the question. They just get hysterical and start screaming about racism.”

Identity politics

Carlson then condemned the left for its use of “racism” as the go-to rebuttal against any accusations of wrongdoing, and explained how this was an entirely predictable outcome of the Democratic Party’s embrace of “identity politics.”

That embrace of identity politics, Carlson argued, fueled the alleged voter fraud in Georgia, both in the general election as well as the Senate runoff races.

“None of that should come as a surprise. We’ve seen it coming for a long time. The question we need to ask right now is, why did so few Republicans do anything to stop it?” Carlson said.

Carlson’s monologue on Tuesday was similar to those in late November, when he listed off the myriad ways that the presidential election had been “rigged” in favor of Democratic nominee Joe Biden over President Donald Trump.

Besides the shift to mass mail-in ballots, there was a growing reliance on untrustworthy election machines, using the legal system to bypass or undermine election integrity laws, and an overtly biased mainstream and social media that highlighted and promoted one side while denigrating and suppressing the other.

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